Genshin Impact Jean Guide - best build, strengths and weaknesses

All you need to know about Jean

Genshin Impact Jean Guide - best build, strengths and weaknesses
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Welcome to Pocket Gamer's detailed Genshin Impact Jean guide! Jean is the Dandelion Knight and the acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. Devoted to her duties and serious about each task, Jean works tirelessly to make Mondstadt the best nation it can be.

She continues to suggest that Diluc is a superior, even after he left the Knights of Favonius, as she understands that they both want the best for Mondstadt and will stand to protect it at any cost. More of a pacifist than an instigator, she still is willing to put up a fight if one is necessary to resolve a conflict.

In the Jean guide below you will find the following details: 

Character Appearance


Jean Element / Tier / Rarity / Weapon

Anemo / S Tier / 5* Rarity / Sword

In Genshin Impact, Jean is an Anemo Sword-wielding knight. Her Anemo powers double as both healing and damage, plus her Skill can be used to launch enemies off in a chosen direction. Using her for Support is a great way to maximize your team.

How to get Jean?

You can obtain Jean in the permanent banner, Wanderlust Invocation.

Genshin Impact Jean Combat Info (Strengths and Weaknesses)

Genshin Impact Jean Strengths


  • Jean heals the party with just her normal attacks
  • Her Burst does DMG and Heals the party with an AoE
  • Jean can use her Skill to easily control oncoming groups of enemies


  • Jean doesn’t do much damage at her base level 
  • You can accidentally push enemies away from you that you are trying to fight
  • Her skills take a while to charge back up

Best Build for Jean in Genshin Impact

Jean is great when she is flinging enemies away from her with her Skill attacks. Use the Aquila Favonia weapon to increase her ATK damage, and it also has the bonus of regenerating health based on the damage she deals out. If you pair this with the Noblesse Oblige artifact set, she’ll do additional Burst damage and it raises all party member’s attacks when she does her Elemental Burst. 

Jean - Best Artifacts and Weapons

Noblesse Oblige

ATK% / ATK% / Healing Bonus Set Bonuses:
  • (2) Elemental Burst DMG +20%
  • (4) Using an Elemental Burst increase all party members' ATK by 20% for 12s. This effect cannot stack.
How to Obtain: Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain reward

Aquila Favonia

  • Base Attack: 48
  • Rating: 5*
  • Bonus Effect: Physical DMG + 9%
Skill: Falcon’s Defiance ATK is increased by 20%. Triggers on taking DMG: the soul of the Falcon of the West awakens, holding the banner of resistance aloft, regenerating HP equal to 100% of ATK and dealing 200% of ATK as DMG to surrounding enemies. This effect can only occur once every 15s. How to Obtain: Gacha

Best Party Members to match Jean with in Genshin Impact

Premium (Gacha) Team

In Genshin Impact, Jean can be either a great DPS or a Healer, but you’ll likely want to focus on her Anemo skills to maximize damage. Picking Klee to help amplify damage is a great idea, as the Anemo can work well with Klee’s bombs. Albedo is a great support that can provide elemental mastery and some extra damage. Use Xingqiu to make Swirl reactions for more Elemental damage.

F2P Team

Jean can swap back and forth between damage and healing, but it’ll take a bit to get the swapping right. Use Kaeya to do some extra debuffing when combined with Lisa’s electro to make Superconduct. Otherwise, Lisa is great for pairing with the other team members for reactions. Xiangling can be used to lure enemies and pair with Jean to create Swirl reactions.

Talents / Skills / Passive

Genshin Impact Jean guide - Talents

Favonius Bladework - Normal Attack

Normal Attack: Perform up to 5 consecutive strikes.

Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of stamina to launch an opponent using the power of the wind. Launched opponents will slowly fall to the ground. Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact. Skill Attributes:
  • 1-Hit DMG 48.3%
  • 2-Hit DMG 45.6%
  • 3-Hit DMG 60.3%
  • 4-Hit DMG 65.9%
  • 5-Hit DMG 79.2%
  • Charged Attack DMG - 162%
  • Charged Attack Stamina Cost - 20
  • Plunge DMG - 63.9%
  • Low/High Plunge DMG - 128%/160%

Gale Blade - Elemental Skill

Focusing the might of the formless wind around her blade, Jean releases a miniature storm, launching opponents in the direction she aims at, dealing massive Anemo DMG.

Hold: At the cost of continued stamina consumption, Jean can command the whirlwind to pull surrounding opponents and objects towards her front.

Direction can be adjusted.

Character is immobile during skill duration.

  • Skill DMG - 48.3%
  • Stamina Consumption - 20 per sec
  • Duration - 5s
  • CD 6s

Dandelion Breeze - Elemental Burst

Calling upon the wind's protection, Jean creates a swirling Dandelion Field, launching surrounding opponents and causing Anemo DMG. At the same time, she instantly regenerates a large amount of HP for all party members. The amount of HP restored scales off Jean's ATK.

Dandelion Field:

Continuously regenerates HP of characters within the AoE and continuously imbues them with Anemo.

Deals Anemo DMG to opponents entering or exiting the Dandelion Field.

Skill Attributes
  • Elemental Burst DMG - 425%
  • Field Entering/Exiting DMG - 78.4%
  • Field Activation Healing - 251% ATK + 1,540
  • Continuous Regeneration - 25.12% ATK + 154
  • CD - 20s
  • Energy Cost - 80

Wind Companion - 1st Ascension Passive

Hits by Jean's Normal Attacks have a 50% chance to regenerate HP equal to 15% of Jean's ATK for all party members.

Let the Wind Lead - 4th Ascension Passive

Using Dandelion Breeze will regenerate 20% of its Energy.

Guiding Breeze - Unlocked Automatically

When Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with restorative effects, Jean has a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

Talent Leveling Materials

Gained from Enemy Drops (Hilichurl):

  • Damaged Mask
  • Stained Mask
  • Ominous Mask

Acquired from Domains (Tuesday/Friday/Sunday):

  • Teachings of Resistance
  • Guide to Resistance
  • Philosophies of Resistance

Obtained after defeating Bosses (Dvalin Challenge):

Dvalin’s Plume


Jean guide - Constellation

Spiraling Tempest

Increases the pulling speed of Gale Blade after holding for more than 1s, and increases the DMG dealt by 40%.

People's Aegis

When Jean picks up an Elemental Orb/Particle, all party members have their Movement SPD and ATK SPD increased by 15% for 15s.

When the West Wind Arises

  • Increases the Level of Dandelion Breeze by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Lands of Dandelion

Within the Field created by Dandelion Breeze, all opponents have their Anemo RES decreased by 40%.

Outbursting Gust

  • Increases the Level of Gale Blade by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Lion's Fang, Fair Protector of Mondstadt

Incoming DMG is decreased by 35% within the Field created by Dandelion Breeze. Upon leaving the Dandelion Field, this effect lasts for 3 attacks or 10s.

Genshin Impact Jean Ascensions costs

Phase 1
  • Lv.20→Lv.40
  • Mora Cost: 20,000
  • Dandelion Seed ×3
  • Vayuda Turquoise Sliver ×1
  • Damaged Mask ×3
Phase 2
  • Lv.40→Lv.50
  • Dandelion Seed ×10
  • Vayuda Turquoise Fragment ×3
  • Damaged Mask ×15
  • Hurricane Seed ×2
Phase 3
  • Lv.50→Lv.60
  • Mora Cost: 60,000
  • Dandelion Seed ×20
  • Vayuda Turquoise Fragment ×6
  • Stained Mask ×12
  • Hurricane Seed ×4
Phase 4
  • Lv.60→Lv.70
  • Mora Cost: 80,000
  • Dandelion Seed ×20
  • Vayuda Turquoise Chunk ×3
  • Stained Mask ×18
  • Hurricane Seed ×8
Phase 5
  • Lv.70→Lv.80
  • Mora Cost: 100,000
  • Dandelion Seed ×45
  • Vayuda Turquoise Chunk ×6
  • Ominous Mask ×12
  • Hurricane Seed ×12
Phase 6 (MAX)
  • Lv.80→Lv.90
  • Mora Cost: 120,000
  • Dandelion Seed ×60
  • Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone ×6
  • Ominous Mask ×24
  • Hurricane Seed ×20

Base Stats

At Level 1, Jean starts with 1,144 HP, 19 ATK, and 60 DEF.

Wishes / Availability

Jean can be received at the regular rate in the Wanderlust Invocation Standard Wish, which is always available.

You know, we also have a Genshin Impact tier list if you want to check how well Jean performs in comparison to other characters! Also, stay aware, soon enough we plan to make a Genshin Impact characters hub with all of the available characters and their detailed guides!

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