Garena Free Fire's Esports World Cup debut takes place very, very soon

But can Saudi Arabia really establish itself as a new esports capital?

Garena Free Fire's Esports World Cup debut takes place very, very soon
  • Garena Free Fire's Esports World Cup Debut is approaching quickly
  • The tournament will be held in three stages, starting July the 10th
  • The Esports World Cup is the latest pitch by Saudi Arabia to make the country a new gaming capital

Garena Free Fire's Esports World Cup debut is set to take place Wednesday, July 14th, in just a few days as of the time of writing. Esports World Cup: Free Fire is set to take place at the titular competitive gaming event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Itself established as a spinoff of the Gamers8 event that takes place in the country, the Esports World Cup is Saudi Arabia's latest pitch to make the country the new gaming capital of the world. However, for all the money being thrown at it and the admittedly impressive nature of the event, questions still remain as to whether it'll work.

But, for the part that Garena Free Fire is playing, the tournament itself will be held in three stages. Of the eighteen teams selected, it'll be narrowed down to the top 12 in the knockout stage taking place July 10th to the 12th. The Points Rush Stage on July 13th will offer teams the chance to get a head-start, while the Grand Finals will kick off the next day on July 14th.

The Tournament Format for the Garena free fire world cup Fire freely

Free Fire has been going from strength to strength recently, whether surpassing its 7th-anniversary celebration or even receiving its own anime adaptation. But for those hoping that the Esports World Cup represents a new epoch in the competitive gaming scene for the game, while undoubtedly impressive it does represent problems, mainly logistical for anyone not already in the upper epochs of the game.

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