Five Nights at Freddy's: How many FNAF games are there?

Five Nights at Freddy's: How many FNAF games are there?

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If you're wondering how many FNAF games are there, the short answer would be that there are nine FNAF games in total in July 2022. However, we do expect them to drop more of them soon, so the number is quickly expanding. We made a list of all FNAF games below, and you can check each title in case you missed one or two in the series.

Little bit of FNAF history

Five Nights at Freddy's is one of the most popular horror games in the world. Since its inception in 2014, it has become a cultural phenomenon. Created by Scott Cawthon, the games take place in a family pizzeria called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza".

The game is centred around a security guard who is hired to watch the cameras at night at the pizzeria to make sure the animatronics are all in their places. Late at night, the robots do have a free roam mode activated after all (*gulp*).

These animatronics do have names: Freddy the bear, Bonnie the bunny, Chica the chicken, and Foxy the fox who are the original character that started it all but there are more as well such as the Puppet and more recently, Roxanne the wolf and Montgomery the gator.

FNAF games list

FNAF games are known for not only their scares but the lore as well and it's disturbing. The owner of the pizzerias was William Afton and he murdered five children at the old restaurant, Fredbear's Family Diner. And so now, these animatronics (at least the original group) are haunted by those kids and they're trying to attack the protagonist, mistaking him for Afton. Interestingly, the main character in most of the games is Michael Afton, William's son. Michael knows of the horrible things his father did and wants to set the souls of the kids free. With all that out of the way, if you're ready to survive the five nights, here are all of the Five Nights at Freddy's games that the series has to offer.

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Five Nights at Freddy's

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Ahh, the one that started it all back in 2014. The OG Five Nights at Freddy's takes us to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in the 1990s. This takes place after the events that occurred at Fredbear's Family Diner, of course. As Michael, you are hired to be the security guard of the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (congratulations!).

The gameplay is simple but tense. You'll need to monitor all of the cameras from your tiny office to make sure Freddy and the gang are all in their proper places. If they aren't, then be sure to turn on the lights for a quick second as they may be outside one of your doors. If they are, then close the doors for a short time.

A big thing to keep in mind is that you only have so much power to work with so you'll need to use the doors and lights only if you feel like you're in serious danger. If the power goes out, you won't be able to use the doors or lights and it's automatically game over as Freddy will come in and attack you. Stay alive for five straight nights and you win the game (and get a small cheque for all your troubles).

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

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So this one is actually a prequel and supposedly takes place around the late 80s or so. This one plays very similarly to the first game as you once again play as a security guard named Jeremy Fitzgerald (although many believe that this is Michael going under a different alias) and you'll need to monitor the cameras to make sure the animatronics don't have a screw loose.

The difference here is that this is an older version of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and so your office doesn't have any doors, sadly. You also have to watch out for a few extra animatronics including the Mangle, a deformed version of Foxy essentially as well as the Puppet, a tall, slender figure that's haunted by Afton's first victim, Charlotte Emily. The Puppet is widely regarded as "the brains" of the animatronic group in the series.

With no doors, all you can do is wear your very own Freddy mask so when the robots get into your office, they will ignore you and mistake you as one of them. The Puppet, on the other hand, is much smarter, as Emily was quite intelligent and her mind is still "intact" despite possessing the machine, so she won't fall for your Freddy mask trick. You'll instead need to monitor the cameras and keep a music box playing to keep her in the box that the Puppet is in. If she gets escapes, then it's game over as she'll reach your office. Keeping that music box playing is important and you have to do this while fending off the other machines.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

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This is an interesting one as it takes place in a totally different location and the situation, although scary, is not as hectic as the first couple of games. Here, you're working as a guard at a haunted attraction that is inspired by the Freddy Fazbear Pizza locations.

Instead of fending off animatronics, you only need to survive against one. This one is named Springtrap and has become an iconic figure in the world of horror games. Long story short, after William Afton killed the kids, their ghosts appeared in the infamous "Safe Room" (where he committed the murders) of the then abandoned Fredbear's Family Diner.

Scared, he then ran and put on the Spring Bonnie suit (the original Bonnie suit) to scare the ghosts but the suit had a spring lock mechanism and with the building in shambles, rainwater dripped into the place causing the suit to "lock-up" and crush Afton, killing him. Water can cause spring lock suits to malfunction. And so, Springtrap was born and that's who you'll be dealing with in FNAF 3. You'll need to monitor the cameras and ventilation systems as well as not get thrown off by the phantoms of previous animatronics who can't attack you but will startle you.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

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Another prequel experience taking you back to the early 80s, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 has been considered by many fans as arguably the scariest game in the series. No, you aren't a security guard this time. Instead, you are a little boy who's in his room.

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He has a fear of the animatronics at Fredbear's Family Diner (Fredbear and Spring Bonnie) and so he has these nightmares where the four machines from the first game are in his house and are trying to get to his room and attack him. Aside from the setting, an aspect that makes thing game interesting is that you're relying on listening for sounds and using a flashlight instead of monitoring cameras.

FNAF 4's version of the animatronics is quite scary looking as they are a little bigger and have massive, sharp teeth among other things. You'll need to check your bed, the hallway, and the closet. If the machines are there, you'll need to use your flashlight to send them off. If they're too close then it's too late and if you flash the light, then it's game over. Some minigames in between shape the tale of the young boy and his fear of the restaurant where his birthday would take place that year in 1983.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

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Our buddy Michael Afton returns in Sister Location. This time, he snags a gig at Circus Baby's Pizza World which, as the name implies, is the sister location to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Some new machines enter the fray, led by Circus Baby, a smaller (but still large) animatronic resembling a young girl.

This machine is actually possessed by Michael's sister, Elizabeth who was killed by Circus Baby, since she wanted to play with her. As with the other games, you need to make sure Circus Baby and the gang are all in their proper places. This includes Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Bellora, a ballerina-based animatronic.

Aside from making sure the crew is all in proper positions, you'll also need to get close and personal with some of them in the Parts and Services Room. The walk from your control room space to the aforementioned room is where the adrenaline starts to go a bit.

You'll need to use an infrared-type light that flashes for a quick second as you walk through the dark halls of the location. The reason for keeping things dark is that, Bellora and Funtime Foxy will attack if you have too much light. The quick flashes allow to you see in front of you for a second without getting the machines to go berserk. You'll also need to avoid another animatronic named Ennard which is a monstrosity that is a combination of essentially all of the machines. Good luck, Michael (again).

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

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Quite possibly, the most unique in the entire Five Night's at Freddy's series. This is a game that is basically two or three in one. It's both a simulator where you build and set up your dream Freddy Fazbear's Pizza restaurant and is also the creepy game known the world over.

In the beginning, you begin the setup of your new pizzeria. You'll be able to purchase and place items around the main room as well as choose your animatronics. Playing minigames will be your ticket to earning money to be able to make different purchases.

In between, you'll be dropped into a small office where you'll print out flyers among other things. This is where the scary vibes return. With the animatronics in the building with you, you'll need to listen out for them while you do your work as they'll attempt to get into your office. This use of listening as your main skill is reminiscent of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 which we talked about.

The creepiness doesn't end there as you'll also be able to salvage old animatronics that are found out on the streets. To do this, you'll need to perform a "test" on them and sit right across from them in a dark room in the building. After documenting the results, the protagonist puts up his notepad and when he puts it back down, and if the machine is slightly out of place, you'll need to use a taser to get them back into position and continue the test. You can also not save the animatronic but you'll forfeit profit for your business in the process if you do. Overall, this is one of the series' deepest games and also gives you some more insight into the intriguing lore.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted

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The first VR experience in the FNAF series, Help Wanted is a Jack of All Trades (or Freddy of All Trades you might say). It features all of the other games in the series from the first game all the way to Sister Location and Custom Night features. Playing the game from a VR perspective will certainly add an extra scare factor.

A big difference between Help Wanted and the previous games is that you can actually see Freddy the gang move when you look at the cameras. In the other games, they will change spots but will be still when you catch them on camera.

Aside from the new animations, everything pretty much remains the same but through the lens of your VR headset and some graphical improvements. Almost every animatronic you can think of is available in this game from the original group to Springtrap, Balloon Boy, the Puppet, Golden Freddy, Circus Baby, and others. You'll also be able to witness Glitchtrap as well which is essentially a computerized representation of William in the Spring Bonnie suit hence the reason "glitch" is in the name.

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

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Ahh, the first mobile-exclusive FNAF experience. This game in the series is a shorty and plays a lot like Pokemon Go in that, the game takes place in your real-world using your phone or tablet. AR games (Augmented Reality) have become popular over the years whether with the PlayStation Vita or now with mobile phones and tablets.

But anyway, you received a new package. It's a Freddy Fazbear Entertainment animatronic! Thanks to the Fazebear Funtime Service, folks who subscribe can order any animatronic they want so they can entertain you, your family, and friends. You received yours but sadly, the robots are malfunctioning and want to give you the old one-two (this is really you this time. Michael has taken a game off).

The goal is simple and that's to survive for as long as you can as the hostile machines try to chase you around wherever you are. You have limited resources as with the OG games including a battery, flashlight, and shocker to stun the machines briefly.

You can also search for and collect items such as parts, CPUs, and plush suits. This will allow you to assemble your own, hotwired animatronics. On top of this, you can hilariously send your robots to your friends and see who can go for the best score. And oh, you can send jumpscare video clips to your friends and family which will surely give them a nice startle and perhaps phone calls and texts with profanities coming your way.

Five Night's at Freddy's: Security Breach

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By far, the biggest FNAF game to date, Security Breach quickly shot up the ranks as one of the most popular games in the series. It's a big, open-world experience that takes place in the massive, colorful Freddy Fazebear's Mega Pizzaplex. It features Glamrock versions of Freddy and Chica while introducing new animatronics and Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator.

You play as a young boy named Gregory who is trapped inside the Pizzaplex. With the building closed, those inside can't leave until 6 am. So, the young lad seeks shelter in the stomach of Freddy who is in his dressing room. After discovering Gregory in the stomach hatch (meant for birthday cakes and oversized pinatas), Freddy befriends the boy and thus their adventure begins.

Your goal is to complete different tasks while also avoiding Chica, Roxxanne, and Montgomery who are possessed by a mysterious entity named Vanny who is essentially a female version of Glitchtrap. You'll also need to avoid Vanessa, a security guard who roams to premises, trying to find Gregory. Although she wants to find him, she also wants to protect him as well in a way. She's not seen all the time but she is a very critical character in the game's lore.

On top of this, you need to be wary of the many security robots that are running around the giant pizza facility. With Freddy at your side, you can jump back into his hatch, making it easier to avoid the hostile animatronics as they won't attack Freddy. However, he does run a battery so you'll need to find charging stations to get him reenergized again. Security Breach is full of exploration, scares, mini-games, and even has some moments that will make you laugh as well. It's a full FNAF package.

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