Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis - Expectations, speculations, and what we're hoping for

The Crisis never ends

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis - Expectations, speculations, and what we're hoping for

What is FFVII: Ever Crisis?

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, which is coming out on both iOS and Android in 2022, is an episodic mobile game that will cover a whole darn lot. This single-player game will take on the gargantuan task of compiling the whole timeline of the franchise, including Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus. Heck, it’ll even cover Advent Children, so it’s practically the one-stop-shop package for all kinds of Final Fantasy VII fans, whether you’re a hardcore aficionado or a newbie just getting into the game.

There’s currently not much to go on right now and details are pretty sparse, but it’s always fun to speculate, isn’t it? As expected, beware of spoilers ahead for the previous games!

Aesthetics and gameplay of FFVII: Ever Crisis

It’s bound to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane because from what we’ve seen from the teaser trailer, it has the old-school PS1 aesthetics down. It has been updated to suit more modern times, of course, but it still retains that lovable boxy look only with real-time action-based combat.

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Since it’s going to cover all these titles with varied combat styles, it will be interesting to see what the main battle system will look like. Will it bring back the turn-based style as well, or incorporate elements of Crisis Core’s DMV? Personally, I’d love to see more of the hack-and-slash action from Dirge of Cerberus - not to mention finding out more about Vincent and the Turks. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Hojo’s abominations, either.

Our favourite moments from the whole timeline

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is obviously going to be a long, long, long game, which is probably why it’s going to be released in an episodic manner. But since they’re not really trying to cram everything into a limited number of hours (or disk space), we’d really like to see all of the fan-fave moments from the original game.

For instance, cross-dressing Cloud never gets old, and all those mini-games at the Golden Saucer MUST have a place in this remake of sorts. Let’s only hope the microtransactions don’t get in the way of all the locations you’ll likely need to unlock or purchase or something just to get access to them.

The Saga of Sephiroth

Much like Darth Vader and the whole Skywalker Saga, wouldn’t it be really cool to view the whole Final Fantasy VII timeline as the sad saga of Sephiroth? For all we know, he could actually be the protagonist in this tragedy. Now that Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will compile all these events into one coherent whole, we might just see Sephiroth in a whole new light and it’s about time, too.

From his special birth to his discovery of the truth - and then eventually his downward spiral - his whole story would make for a really entertaining angle, as opposed to us focusing on Cloud and Zack all the time. Besides, aren’t anti-heroes all the rage right now? I’m just saying.

What about the paywall?

The game will supposedly release new chapters every month, and you don’t need to play through every single title in a linear way. Players will supposedly be allowed to select and play, so I’m a little worried about how much F2P players will have to shell out to gain access to chapters that will most probably be for VIPs only.

FFVII Ever Crysis

It’s also unclear right now how Advent Children will play into all of this since it’s not a game, but much like Vincent desperately trying to look for a phone in the heat of battle, we hope we won’t be caught without our mobile gadgets at the ready when Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis drops next year.

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