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FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover tips and tricks

FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover tips and tricks

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  • Quality of dressing isn't something that you're born with, so you'll definitely learn a lot from these FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover tips.

FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover is quite a distinctive game.

In it, you take on the role of a talented stylist who's tasked with designing and creating every aspect of various outfits for a range of avatars and situations.

You may be asked to piece together a look for a lady taking part in a photoshoot for a designer jewellery brand, for example, or to create an ensemble for somebody heading out for a day at the market.

You'll need to choose the perfect dress for each occasion and complement your decision with the ideal shoes and some carefully curated accessories, such as handbags, necklaces and sunglasses.

FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover is a social experience and your creations will be judged by other players. If your designs are rated highly, you may even bag yourself some prizes.

Here are some tips that should help you find your inner fashionista.

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Tip #1 - Play new seasons as soon as they become available

Rank 1 in FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover

A big chunk of the gameplay in FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover is broken up into seasons that all have a unique theme and plenty of missions for you to sink your teeth into.

As you complete these missions you'll earn season XP, which allows you to level up your season pass and unlock rewards. The season pass is available for free, however, you can also purchase a second premium season pass for additional rewards.

Either way, you'll unlock new items of clothing, a variety of accessories and some cold hard cash as you advance.

Each season in FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover lasts for a real-world month and at the end of each season your progress is reset back to zero. The rewards you've already earned will be yours to keep, but any that you've failed to unlock will disappear for good.

In other words, the earlier you start playing a new season, the more chance you have of nabbing all of its prizes.

Tip #2 - Crowns are a fashionista's best friend

A new career level with avatar image in the middle

FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover has two groups of missions. There are the limited-time season missions that we talked about in the previous tip and then there are career missions, which are more permanent goals.

You can view career missions by tapping on your profile photo in the top-left of your device's screen and then tapping on the achievements button.

To complete career missions you'll have to spend specific amounts of cash, compete in a set number of fashion challenges and - among other things - unlock a specific number of clothing items.

Each career mission that you complete will earn you crowns, which allow you to increase your career level and unlock several benefits. You can communicate with other stylists once you've hit career level five, for example, or increase the quality of your designs with additional filter layers once you've reached career level 11.

You'll also earn gold, tokens and other useful items along the way.

Tip #3 - The bigger the wardrobe, the bigger the prizes

Some T-shirts and other clothing accessories in FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover

It goes without saying that the more clothes you have access to, the more outfits you can put together.

You can visit your closet at any time in FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover by tapping on the box icon at the bottom of your screen. Here, you can tap on a category of clothing, such as hoodies or skirts, to see which items you already own and everything else that the game has to offer.

If you have enough tokens you can unlock new fashion pieces that will be added to your collection and will subsequently become available to use in any future challenge you decide to take a stab at.

Tokens can be earned by completing challenges and increasing your career level.

Be sure to keep your closet stocked with fresh new looks to ensure you have the best chance of style success.

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