FashionVerse, a photorealistic game designed by Tilting Point and Tommy Hilfiger, is now available on mobile

FashionVerse, a photorealistic game designed by Tilting Point and Tommy Hilfiger, is now available on mobile

Tilting Point has just announced the release of its latest title, FashionVerse, which has been created in partnership with Hilfiger Ventures, co-founded by Mr Tommy Hilfiger himself. It is a photorealistic interactive title that lets players creatively express themselves using AI-powered tech. From different models to realistic avatars and cosmetics, Netflix subscribers can curate the perfect sets to showcase their inner fashion designer as the game releases on Android and iOS.

The idea for FashionVerse originated from Hilfiger himself, whose aim was to create a large-scale fashion game through an immersive, community-based model that makes use of all the latest technology. Brandible has utilized its proprietary AI model that allows players to create photorealistic characters and use settings and props to ensure a thrilling virtual experience.

The game puts players in the centre of the fashion world as they take on challenges to create fashionable outfits in Stylist mode or trendy mood boards in Trendsetter mode. All creations can be shared, voted upon, and commented on. There are excellent rewards to grab such as clothing styles and all the latest trends in FashionVerse that are inspired by real-world brands.

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FashionVerse is launching in style as well as the game will feature virtual Pop-Up events that are hosted in collaboration with major fashion, entertainment, art, and beauty brands. They will be announced over the next few weeks and will give players the opportunity to interact with their favourite designers. Everything will be virtually designed from the models to the entire set.

Pop-Ups will not only be for viewing purposes as players will additionally be able to take part in several challenges. They will be focused on the campaign’s themes and their latest collections, and will offer special rewards to all participants. Expect to come across some digital-only exclusives as well.

Download FashionVerse now for free on Android and iOS.

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