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My Mini-mart tips and tricks for total beginners

My Mini-mart tips and tricks for total beginners

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  • Here are some tips and tricks for getting started in My Mini-mart
  • As well as everything to maximise your fun and minimise your spend
  • You'll also find out what to be careful of when running your own mini-mart!

Running retail is a hassle. It’s hectic, low-paying and often tedious when it’s not completely frenetic. But for whatever reason, it seems to be a popular subject for many games out there, and My Mini-mart is no exception as it puts you in the shoes of a nondescript stickman running their own store.

Of course, this is no ordinary store, else where would all the fun things - like running back and forth - we’ve come to associate with hyper-casual games play into it? Instead of buying in produce, you grow and make it yourself, slowly expanding from simple fresh tomatoes to growing and grinding your own wheat, bottling preserves and more. All with no more control than running around, grabbing items and stacking them on shelves.

Sounds interesting? Well, pause for a moment because it can seem a little confusing at first glance.

Rush rush rush

When it comes to certain hyper-casual games, it seems like things such as ‘tutorials’ or ‘pause buttons’ are considered black magic and witchcraft. Fortunately, we’ve gathered some of our top tips and tricks for playing My Mini-mart so you’re not spending anything more than you need to - ideally none - and getting the most fun out of running your own store as possible!

With that in mind, let’s get started with our first tip.

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Tip #1 - Hire some help

Cashier in My Minimart Your first focus should be two-fold - hiring a cashier and a shelver. The cashier will take away the tedium of racing to the till every minute or so to fill customer’s boxes, although you’ll still need to collect the cash yourself. The shelver will move your produce from the fields to the shelves, although you’ll still need to place produce in certain areas like the blender or chicken coop to produce refined goods.

Tip #2 - Watch out for thieves

Max carrying a few tomatos It’ll happen only very occasionally - and may be partially scripted - but if you leave a lot of cash at the till for too long, then a thief is likely to show up and try to steal it. To stop him, you’ll switch to using a net and have to chase him down, lining up the aim marker to capture the thief before they escape with your hard-earned cash. So, don't find yourself getting too distracted - like in the image - because you won't want to be on the other side of the store when one of these thieves shows up.

Tip #3 - Use ad breaks as a pause

Content break with a guy holding a mug of coffee Yes, as we noted, there seems to be no pause button for my Mini-mart, and while it may be a sneaky tactic to keep you playing when the ads start coming hard and heavy later on, this actually becomes a bit more convenient. Simply pop your phone down and take a break, as you’ll still need to tap the cancel button once it’s finished to return to the game, letting the ads work as a makeshift pause.

Tip #4 - The customer is always wrong

Interracting with a customer

Tip #5 - Other games like...

Character carrying merchandise in My Mini-mart Sure, My Mini-mart may be fun for a little while, but it starts to become quite heavy with ads later on, which can prove to be quite frustrating. On top of that, you’ll find yourself concentrating more on running back and forth to feed the different machines rather than the simple pleasures of accruing more cash to expand your store, and you might get tired pretty quickly.

But that shouldn’t dissuade you from trying some other great games on mobile. For example, if you want a totally free mobile game, or if you’re utterly intent on mobile management games, we have you covered, as always.

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Iwan Morris
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