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Fallen Frontline redeem codes

Fallen Frontline redeem codes
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Update: Since no new code has been released for a long time, we've decided to retire this article.

Having trouble finding working redeem codes for Fallen Frontline? You have landed in the right place as we have an updated list of working and active redeem codes for the post-apocalyptic RPG Fallen Frontline. Players can redeem these codes in-game for juicy freebies and easy loot.

Redeem codes are relatively easy to use as they are provided by the developers to encourage players and make them feel engaged in the game. They contain lots of freebies, depending on the occasion. Make sure to bookmark this page for future updates on new Fallen Frontline redeem codes.

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  • At the moment there are no active codes

Expired codes

  • FFEaster2304 
  • FFspringF2023
  • FFNewbieGift
  • DiscordFF0308
  • Christmas2022FF
  • ff2022
  • T63Y99QYG4K5Q
  • 2022sf

Fallen Frontline redeem codes


Confused regarding the steps to follow for redeeming these codes? Don't worry - we've got you! Simply follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  • Click on your Profile picture located on the top left-hand side of the main menu.
  • Click on the System Settings tab. This should open a new window.
  • Go to the “Exchange Pack” option that is located at the bottom of the tab.
  • Enter the Fallen Frontline redeem code you want to claim.
  • Click on the “Exchange Pack” button to get the freebies immediately in your in-game mailbox.


Fallen Frontline is a post-apocalyptic Idle RPG that combines the elements of an AFK simulator and a Strategic RPG. Players can enjoy full-fledged live 2D modelled designs for all the collectible characters, amicably called "Commanders" in-game. Players can participate in various types of PvE and PvP game modes that require tact and strategy to emerge victorious instead of blatant pay-to-win mechanics. 

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