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Fallen Frontline tier list and a reroll guide

Fallen Frontline tier list and a reroll guide

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Updated on May 24th, 2023 - checked for new characters, original article by Anderson Han

Questionable naming convention aside, Fallen Frontline is a gacha idle RPG where you play out the accidental messiah trope and assume the identity of the commander-in-chief to lead a rag-tag bunch of Stellaris to fight back against the extraterrestrial Ruin Machinas and humanity's greatest adversary: the Meteoris. Similar to other games in the genre, it features a wide variety of modes to keep players engaged - from the highly competitive Arena mode to the whopping 60 expedition stages with a story that goes nowhere.

Stellaris are divided into multiple rarities, namely N, followed by two variations of R, SR, SSR and R+, SR+, SSR+, with UR being the ultimate form an SSR+ can get promoted to. The consensus is: SSR+ and SSR characters are the queen bees, with some of the SR+ and SR characters considered worthwhile. There is a milestone to reach (level 50) before you are able to summon your very first SSR. In general, an SSR at its base form can outperform anything of lower tier that is maxed out. However, exceptions can be made for lower rarities that form a good synergy with the top guns.

The Fallen Frontline tier list is structured according to Commander type. As usual, it starts with the S tier comprising of characters that are essential in the team, followed by the A Tier which are formidable enough to contribute significantly, trickling down to the less important B tier, which most certainly will see some use in the early game but ultimately drop off the late game, and C tier that's pretty self-explanatory.

For setup, the Iron Paladin and Paladin class are the metaphorical walls that will bear the full brunt of the enemy's onslaught, with the occasional Valkyrie filling the spot, provided they are bulky enough. In the back line, you'll normally find the frail support and devastator class.

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Armored Vehicle Type tier list

Fallen Frontline Armored Vehicle tier list

S tier

  • Dido
  • Natalia
  • Leia
  • Cordelia
  • Ilya

Natalia, Dido and Leia, blessed by their prestigious status as SSR+, are padded with an astronomical amount of HP and Armour points. Natalia is capable of providing party-wide damage resistance from AoE attacks and has an amazing skill kit to boot. Dido is a taunter supplemented by her high base stats with a bonus to stun with her first skill. Leia is valued for her Pierce skill that makes short work of highly defensive enemies.

Cordelia, as an SSR, is one of the best tanks among her peers. One of her main functions is to power up Leia and Dido thanks to her special bond with them. In addition, she inflicts mass debuffs that can zap enemies with unremovable ATK and DEF buffs.

Ilya is a devastator who loves to toy with her enemies with a wide slew of corrosive debuffs including (toxic fume), (ignite) and (bleed), all of which slowly chip away at enemy health. She is made to complement Loree, which we will talk about later.

A tier

  • Herkina
  • Clara

B tier

  • Angel

C tier

  • Anastasia

Tank Type tier list

Fallen Frontline Tank tier list

S tier

  • Solissa
  • Addie

Despite the role of “tank”, the two shining stars featured here are Valkyries. Solissa can reach her ceiling faster as she can ascend into UR easily, which makes her outperform her peers in the same rarity. She is also perfect for finishing off lethal foes as her skills prioritise targets with lower HP. Solissa and Tsubaki are two peas in a pod, complementing each other well.

Addie is another SSR+. Utilising her impressive stats, she can strike enemies at their weakest. Her skills primarily make backline units limp and enable your team to easily finish them off.

A tier

  • Hector
  • Ruby
  • Irena
  • Somis

B tier

  • Simone
  • Crystal
  • Sapphire

C tier

  • Coral
  • Alpha
  • Amber
  • Aurora

Infantry Type tier list

Fallen Frontline Infantry tier list

S tier

  • Tsubaki
  • Evelyn
  • Nina
  • Selis

The highlight of this category is Tsubaki. and she is one of the characters being showered with adoration from the devs too, so it’s no coincidence. Similar to Solissa, she is one of the SSR+ characters who can attain UR status rather easily due to her weapon accessibility. Upon unlocking it, she boasts the highest ATK stat. Her merit lies in her skill of being able to prioritise enemies with the highest ATK stat and rendering them more susceptible to critical attacks. As icing on the cake, she provides a minor Critical buff to your allies. She works especially well with Solissa.

Evelyn is a supporter with the highest healing output. Her quirk revolves around exploiting the (Bleed) mechanic, enabling allies buffed by her to heal if they land hits on enemies addled with (Bleed). Nina is an SSR who provides a decent chunk of team healing. Selis is an amazing devastator that draws strength from her Siamese cats. In addition, she can inflict ATK and ACC debuffs on enemies that can stack to a ridiculous amount.

A tier

  • Purgatory
  • Mia
  • Lilyer
  • Emerald

B tier

  • Kate

C tier

  • Sharon
  • Jessica
  • Cristina
  • Sofia
  • Charlotte

Artillery Type tier list

Artillery tier list

S tier

  • Magdalena
  • Yelena
  • Loree
  • Muir
Magdalena is one of the most reliable Swiss Army Knives that can carry your allies well into the late game. In addition to stellar HP and Armor, she doubles as a healer with special priority to any of your allies with the lowest HP, coupled with fantastic perks for beefing your team up. She spells disaster for enemies due to her wide variety of debuffs that can stop enemies from using special skills and making them as blind as a bat. Yelena is an iron paladin with amazing HP, Armour, along with shield generation that makes her a resilient wall to topple. Loree functions similarly to Ilya with an arsenal of debuffs - (toxic fume), (ignite) and (bleed) - up her sleeve that can slowly erode enemy health. Muir is an SSR worthy of being added to your roster. Her damage output scales primarily with the number of enemies present on the field, with the bonus of inflicting stun to a single target and party-wide ATK and ACC reduction on the enemy side.

A tier

  • Karaff
  • Naland
  • Vinessa

B tier

  • Susan
  • Elaine
  • Brady
  • Harek

C tier

  • Miticia
  • Lecori
  • Carroll

Bonus Byte: Rerolling

As with many other games in the genre, players are granted the option to reroll in Fallen Frontline to get a headstart. However, it can be perplexing thanks to the level-gated summoning system. Here are two ways to do it:

The nomad - reroll for Advanced Projection

This method is a no-brainer. By taking advantage of the bazillions of servers running simultaneously, players can hop from one server and start anew on another. Players have to take note of which server they are logged into once they have gotten the desired reroll outcome. However, that means they are obligated to slog through the entire tutorial over and over. This method works for both iOS and Android.

Multi-instance manager - reroll for Epic Projection

This approach is exclusive to emulators with built-in multi-instance managers, such as Bluestacks and LDPlayer. Before doing this, players have to patiently progress their account to level 50 to unlock Epic Projection for SSR Stellaris, which can be reached by passive idle progress or actively blazing through the expedition stages. From this point on, hop over to the Multi-instance manager that is pre-installed and from the menu, create an unlimited amount of instances and delete the ones that missed the mark. Rinse and repeat until a top-performing or desired Stellaris is pulled.

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