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Disney Twisted Wonderland tier list & reroll guide (best cards)

Disney Twisted Wonderland tier list & reroll guide (best cards)

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Updated on February 17th, 2024 - Version 1.0.14 - Latest Addition: Idia & Ace (Apprentice Chef) 

Looking for a complete Twisted Wonderland tier list? Then you are in the right place because today we'll dive into a list of all the best cards in the game and give you an idea of which ones you should reroll for in your very first tenfold pull.

There are a plethora of tasks to complete, lessons to be learned and cards to be discovered, but today we'll shift our attention simply towards the best cards in the game. In short, there are three types/rarities of cards: R, SR and SSR.

The SSR cards are the best, but SR cards and not too far behind. R (Rare) cards are decent, but they are not the way to go in the later stages of the game where you have to defeat high HP enemies and you have a limited number of rounds.

The best cards in Twisted Wonderland

Our Twisted Wonderland tier list will show you all the best cards currently available in the game, so if you were wondering when the time to celebrate is after a pull, we've got your back.

character cards

Keep in mind that the game has Rate Up banners that change regularly, so if you are looking for a specific card, I would recommend keeping the free Gems you have until there's a banner that gives you something you like.

Also, it's worth noting that the cards have different uniforms (appearances, names, rarities, skills), so if there is a tier S Riddle, for example, it shouldn't be confused with a tier B Riddle card. Just make sure you check out the complete name! 

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So, without further ado, let's dive into the Twisted Wonderland tier list!

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SS Tier

Twisted Wonderland Leona character laying down holding a skull
RaritySS Tier
  • Idia [Masquerade]
  • Riddle [Tsumsitter]
  • Rook [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Outdoor Wear]
  • Trey [Outdoor Wear]
  • Riddle [Dorm Uniform]
  • Leona [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jamil & Floyd (Basketball Jersey)
  • Ace (Basketball Jersey)
  • Kalim [New Year's Attire]
  • Ruggie [New Year's Attire]
  • Idia [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ortho [Burst Gear]
  • Vil [Outdoor Wear]
  • Riddle [Labwear]
  • Ace [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Rook [Labwear]
  • Idia [Labwear]
  • Malleus [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Epel [PE Uniform]
  • Rook [School Uniform]
  • Ortho [Archetype Gear]

S Tier

Jade character wearing a lab coat
RarityS Tier
  • Sebek [New Year's Attire]
  • Grim [Platinum Jacket]
  • Jamil [Basketball Jersey]
  • Floyd [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ace [Suitor Suit]
  • Ace [Dorm Uniform]
  • Lilia [Birthday Boy]
  • Ace [Basketball Jersey]
  • Sebek [Birthday Jacket]
  • Cater [Birthday Jacket]
  • Cater [Birthday Boy]
  • Lilia [Pop Music T-Shirt]
  • Cater [Pop Music T-Shirt]
  • Jade [Halloween]
  • Jade [Dorm Uniform]
  • Cater [Dorm Uniform]
  • Vil [Birthday Jacket]
  • Leona [Gala Couture]
  • Jack [Dorm Uniform]
  • Kalim [Dorm Uniform]
  • Idia [Birthday Boy]
  • Ortho [Fairy Gear]
  • Cater [New Year's Attire]
  • Sebek [Masquerade]
  • Deuce [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Deuce [Dorm Unifrom]
  • Cater [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Idia & Ace (Apprentice Chef)
  • Trey [Labwear]
  • Jack [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Labwear]
  • Ruggie [Dorm Uniform]
  • Azul [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Azul [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jade [Labwear]
  • Jade [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Labwear]
  • Jamil [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jamil [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Vil [Ceremonial Robes]
  • VIl [New Year's Attire]
  • Malleus [Labwear]
  • Lilia [Labwear]
  • Lilia [Dorm Uniform]
  • Malleus [Dorm Uniform]
  • Jamil [Apprentice Chef]
  • Floyd [School Uniform]
  • Vil [PE Uniform]
  • Rook [PE Uniform]
  • Idia [School Uniform]
  • Sebek [PE Uniform]

A Tier

Twisted Wonderland Riddle character wearing ceremonial robes
RarityA Tier
  • Idia [Suitor Suit]
  • Deuce [Birthday Boy]
  • Leona [Tsumsitter]
  • Epel [Applepom]
  • Vil [Halloween]
  • Kalim [New Year's Attire]
  • Leona [Birthday Showcase]
  • Jamil [Birthday Showcase]
  • Riddle [Halloween]
  • Jack [Port Wear]
  • Ruggie
  • Riddle [Birthday Showcase]
  • SSR Rook [Halloween Showcase]
  • SR Trey [Halloween Showcase]
  • Epel [Birthday Showcase]
  • Sebek [Birthday Showcase]
  • Floyd [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ace [Dorm Uniform]
  • Cater [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Birthday Jacket]
  • Ruggie [Birthday Boy]
  • Malleus [Birthday Shwocase]
  • Rook [Birthday Showcase]
  • Jack [Birthday Boy]
  • Azul [Birthday Boy]
  • Azul [Birthday Jacket]
  • Azul [Masquerade]
  • Epel [Masquerade]
  • Epel [Suitor Suit]
  • Cater [Tsumsitter]
  • Cater [New Year's Attire]
  • Lilia [Halloween]
  • Rook [Beans Camo]
  • Floyd [Outdoor Wear]
  • Silver [Apprentice Chef]
  • Riddle [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Malleus [Apprentice Chef]
  • Ruggie [Apprentice Chef]
  • Ruggie [Port Wear]
  • Trey [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Apprentice Chef]
  • Leona [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Malleus [Silk Adorned]
  • Cater [Silk Adorned]
  • Epel [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Idia [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Ortho [Stargazer Gear]
  • Sebek [Labwear]
  • Sebek [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Deuce [New Year's Attire]
  • Jack [Beans Camo]
  • Ace [Gala Couture]
  • Azul [Outdoor Wear]
  • Ace [School Uniform]
  • Leona [Outdoor Wear]
  • Cater [PE Uniform]
  • Ruggie [PE Uniform]
  • Floyd [PE Uniform]
  • Kalim [PE Uniform]
  • Jade [Applepom]
  • Vil [School Uniform]
  • Ortho [Athletic Gear]

B Tier

Leona PE uniform
RarityB Tier
  • Sebek [Birthday Boy]
  • Jamil [Silk Adorned]
  • Leona [Birthday Showcase]
  • Lilia [Birthday Showcase]
  • Deuce [Dorm Uniform]
  • Deuce [Starsending Robes]
  • Deuce [Birthday Showcase]
  • Jack [Birthday Showcase]
  • Vil [New Year's Attire]
  • Cater [Apprentice Chef]
  • Rook [Apprentice Chef]
  • Jade [Outdoor Wear]
  • Floyd [Tsumsitter]
  • Jamil [Gala Couture]
  • Jack [Halloween]
  • Ace [Labwear]
  • Sebek [Applepom]
  • Cater [Labwear]
  • Ruggie [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Kalim [Gala Couture]
  • Azul [Labwear]
  • Floyd [Labwear]
  • Jamil [Labwear]
  • Jade [Apprentice Chef]
  • Rook [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Silver [Labwear]
  • Silver [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Lilia [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Trey [Silk Adorned]
  • Riddle [School Uniform]
  • Deuce [School Uniform]
  • Deuce [PE Uniform]
  • Trey [School Uniform]
  • Trey [Starsending Robes]
  • Leona [PE Uniform]
  • Jack [School Uniform]
  • Ruggie [Gala Couture]
  • Ruggie [School Uniform]
  • Azul [School Uniform]
  • Azul [PE Uniform]
  • Cater [Beans Camo]
  • Kalim [School Uniform]
  • Jamil [School Uniform]
  • Silver [School Uniform]
  • Lilia [PE Uniform]
  • Epel [Halloween]

C Tier

Malleus character wearing PE uniform
RarityC Tier
  • Cater [Halloween]
  • Ortho [Birthday Showcase]
  • Vil [Birthday Boy]
  • Floyd [Beans Camo]
  • Azul [Beans Camo]
  • Trey [Dorm Uniform]
  • Ace [Birthday Showcase]
  • Azul [Halloween]
  • Sebek [Outdoor Wear]
  • Idia [Applepom]
  • Idia [Starsending Robes]
  • Kalim [Apprentice Chef]
  • Riddle [Apprentice Chef]
  • Ruggie [Halloween]
  • Vil [Beans Camo]
  • Leona [Labwear]
  • Deuce [Labwear]
  • Deuce [Apprentice Chef]
  • Jack [Labwear]
  • Jade [Beans Camo]
  • Floyd [Ceremonial Robes]
  • Vil [Labwear]
  • Lilia [Apprentice Chef]
  • Epel [Labwear]
  • Ortho [Precision Gear]
  • Riddle [PE Uniform]
  • Ace [PE Uniform]
  • Cater [School Uniform]
  • Trey [PE Uniform]
  • Leona [School Uniform]
  • Jack [PE Uniform]
  • Jade [School Uniform]
  • Jade [PE Uniform]
  • Jamil [PE Uniform]
  • Jamil [Beans Camo]
  • Epel [School Uniform]
  • Epel [Dorm Uniform]
  • Idia [PE Uniform]
  • Malleus [School Uniform]
  • Malleus [PE Uniform]
  • Silver [PE Uniform]
  • Sebek [School Uniform]
  • Lilia [School Uniform]
  • Kalim [Halloween]

How to reroll in Twisted Wonderland?

Rerolling in Disney Twisted Wonderland is easy - you don't need to reset your account or delete data in any way, shape, or form, all you need to do is complete the tutorial and do the free tenfold pull available. That gacha lets you reroll indefinitely until you get one SSR card that you want.

Which card to get from the tutorial pull?

The cards you want to look out for are the SSR Riddle (Riddle [Dorm Uniform]) or the SSR Leona (Leona [Dorm Uniform]) since they are the best from that gacha. Later on, you can do more summons with Gems, but for now, just accept the pull when you get one of the abovementioned cards.

We really hope that you found our Disney's Twisted Wonderland tier list useful. Remember, the first steps in mobile gacha games are most important and they can improve your further progress immensely, so use our reroll guide until you get the desirable character.

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