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Is Twisted Wonderland a dating sim?

Is Twisted Wonderland a dating sim?

It is hard to ignore the fact that Twisted Wonderland, created by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan, is currently in top charts on different platforms. Pretty anime boys, Disney vibes, charming music, wonderful visuals, and the overall concept attract people to play this game. And this game is a mix of different genres - it is a gacha, an adventure game, and a rhythm game.

Many people who have never played the game may think that Twisted Wonderland is a typical otome game as there are a lot of anime male characters and a lot of content aimed at a female audience. So many people are curious if Twisted Wonderland is a dating sim. As always, we gave our opinion on the matter.


The answer to your question is simple: no. Twisted Wonderland is not a dating sim. Why not? As in every dating sim, there are always routes that have to lead the protagonist to the final stage where he/she stays with one of the characters.

Many will get surprised by this because of the fact that the protagonist is surrounded by handsome guys with whom the player interacts. The protagonist is surrounded by beautiful anime boys that he or she interacts with during the game. The game literally pushes the player to interact with all the characters, but these are just dialogues and nothing more. The game pushes for tete-a-tete interactions when it is necessary story-wise, but you are unable to get something more from them, like romantic interactions, dating, etc.

When the game was ready to be released, it was initially widely regarded as a dating sim with anime characters. If you're interested in that genre, we have a list of mobile otome games that you can play. 

Of course, if you visit the website of Twisted Wonderland and read what the developers themselves have written about it, you will see “Villains Academy ADV (Adventure) Game" - not a word about romance and dating.

Also, the main character has no gender. Plus, it's worth mentioning that the developers did not say for which audience this game is intended. Neither did they mention the fact that the game has a romantic storyline. The developers themselves wanted the game to be playable for all ages and genders.


Twisted Wonderland is a beautiful visual novel where you can be surrounded by attractive boys, explore lore, and become part of this world. If you want to immerse yourself in the fairy tale and feel the Disney vibes, you should definitely play this game.

If you still don't believe that Twisted Wonderland is not a dating sim, you can always try it and see for yourself! If you do, feel free to use the Twisted Wonderland tier list with a reroll guide that we are updating regularly. Of course, if you're new to the game, then our guide for Twisted Wonderland will be of use as well.