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Disney Twisted Wonderland guide with a couple of essential tips

Disney Twisted Wonderland guide with a couple of essential tips

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In this Disney Twisted Wonderland guide I've created a series of tips to help you advance in the game faster, and ultimately understand how to upgrade your cards in order to obliterate your opponents before they even know what hit them!

The villains' world in our beloved Disney stories has not been explored much until now, and for good reason. Is it because they live such an exciting life? Or maybe it's because they actually show a tad bit of empathy and emotion, just like the heroes do (and it's not supposed to be that way, since they're meant to be bad). We will never know. 

One thing we'll know for certain though is that Twisted Wonderland is a brilliant game with an alluring narrative that will keep you playing for hours on end. If you found yourself trying to complete the first chapter only to fail during the Riddle battle, then this guide is everything you'll need to get you through that battle and many more. 

We're going to explore how you can upgrade the cards, where to find the items you need for said upgrades, and of course, how to assemble a proper team of the best Twisted Wonderland characters.

Without further ado, let's check our Disney Twisted Wonderland tips and tricks!  

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Tip #1 - Understand the Twistunes

The first thing we're going to tackle is obviously the Twistunes. These are the stages where you have to tap to a rhythm in order to pass the level. It's a tedious task at times since the Twistunes are sometimes rather peculiar - some of the notes are difficult to clear with a Perfect score, and therefore you need quite a bit of practice.

I cannot give you tips to help you guarantee SS at every stage, but I will share some tips that helped me. They'll hopefully come in handy, so try them out!

  • Never panic when you tap - take deep breaths and try to focus on the notes, one at a time.
  • Every stage has two parts - the first one is easier than the second, so take that moment between the stages to relax and reset. The second stage will be considerably harder, so adjust however you see fit based on your experience with the first part.
  • Don't tap too fast - if you tap too fast it's worse than how it would be if you tap a little late. If you tap too fast (before "Perfect!") you will also break your combo.
  • Make adjustments - you can switch the layout of the Twistunes to make them easier to spot. You can also adjust the timing based on how you tap. Just head on to the Twistunes menu and at the very top, you'll see a little musical note with a cog. Open that menu to reveal some Twistunes adjustments you can make to make these stages easier!

Tip #2 - Upgrade all the cards, one at a time

Contrary to what I would normally recommend, you actually want to upgrade all the cards - or at least a couple belonging to every element. That way you'll always have the upper hand when attacking enemies since the elemental bonus plays a huge role in Twisted Wonderland. Also read:

To upgrade the cards, all you need to do is complete Lessons. That doesn't sound like much, and it is not at all really. However, it will take time so you need to be patient.

Normal Lessons

Normal lessons are divided into two - History and Flight. The History Lessons grant you EXP items, while Flight Lessons grant you Vignette EXP items. You can complete as many as you want since the rewards are random (sometimes you'll get more EXP, other times less) and each play costs 1 LP.

For the Normal Lessons, you can use any character you want as long as you have unlocked it. For instance, if you have 0 Idia cards, you cannot do Normal Lessons with him as the Study Partner.

Daily Lessons

These are lessons that differ each day of the week and the rewards you get from them include items that you can use to level up the cards' skills. Every day a different element will be available, so if you are looking into upgrading a particular card, keep an eye out for when the right day to farm them is.

How to upgrade the cards

Upgrading the cards means leveling them up, upgrading their Vignette level, upgrading their skills and eventually "groovify" that card (or make it "Groovy!"). All that can be done by completing these tasks I mentioned above, but it'll take time. Try to do that as much as you can, because it'll help you pass the battle stages a lot easier.

Tip #3 - Use all of your LP, all the time

LP is a resource that replenishes over time, but it caps at 10. You can recover 1 LP every 15 minutes, so roughly once every 2h30min you can log into the game to full LP and keep farming some more.

You can also replenish your LP by using Starshards (1 Starshards = 3 LP and 1 Bottle of Starshards = 10 LP). I also recommend using the items you gathered to boost the rewards you get for each stage.

So, what's the takeaway?

Use all your LP to farm Lessons (both Normal and Daily) and never let it top off because that is just wasted LP. Use it before you lose it!

Tip #4 - Visit Mr. S's shop frequently!

In the Shop, you will find some Rare cards that are actually good. They only cost Thaumarks (10k each) and it's definitely worth purchasing every single one of them. It's good for the collection and for the Vignette level. The ones you should prioritise are the School Uniform Rook, School Uniform Vil and School Uniform Epel, but School Uniform Idia, Archetype Gear Ortho and the rest are also worth adding to your collection.

Another item you should be on the lookout for is the Tenfold Key Set Bundle from the Gem Shop (free). That's a really great deal, so make sure to buy it. This resets once a month, so make sure you grab it each month without hesitation! I also buy the Magical Key Bundle, because it grants Starshards too so it's a great deal in my opinion.

Tip #5 - Borrow the right card for each battle

Whenever you have to deal with a battle level, make sure you learn the element weakness chart. You want to select an ally as an aid who has a very strong character, ideally of an element that the enemy is weak to. We have more similar stuff:

If you can't find someone to help you at a certain moment, you can take a moment and refresh - try again in a minute or two because the list of aiding cards will get reset.

While we're at this, you should also make sure to deploy your best cards!

Tip #6 - Attempt Exams every day

Exams are sort of like "daily bosses". They are difficult to complete, but the rewards you get from them are really good. Exam Tokens can be exchanged in the Shop for a lot of EXP, so it's a nice way to boost you further for essentially doing nothing but setting up your cards and going idle until the level is complete.

You have 5 Exam attempts every single day, and even if you "fail" (get an F) it's still fine because you'll still collect some Exam Tokens.

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