Dislyte's Dusk & Dawn expansion introduces more espers, a carnival, and a challenging dungeon

Dislyte's Dusk & Dawn expansion introduces more espers, a carnival, and a challenging dungeon
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Farlight Games has announced a thrilling new expansion for the hit mobile RPG, Dislyte. Titled Dusk & Dawn, this new update aims to shake things up with a variety of new content in the form of more powerful Espers, a dungeon, and a carnival event. Dusk & Dawn goes live on April 11th.

The primary additions to this expansion are two new Espers, Leora and Elaine. They are a pair of orphaned sisters who are quite rebellious as a result. But sibling affection can only get them so far in such an unforgiving world. So, they were blessed by Athena, the Goddess of War, and Nyx, Goddess of the Night.


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Leora and Elaine are seven years, and it remains to be seen if this will make or break their dynamic. In terms of gameplay, they have quite a few co-combat skills that will help create a more powerful and diverse team of heroes.

While players can’t get their hands on Leora, the April Carnival will feature Nyx (Ellaine) and Hati (Camille), both of who are five-star Espers that can be obtained for free. As part of the carnival celebrations, the dimensional gates have broken down as the popular YouTuber Markiplier finds himself in Dislyte. He can be found in-game as a friendly NPC.

If you're unsure of who Camille is, she’s another popular Vtuber, whose character is based on Hati, the moon-devouring wolf from Norse mythology. Besides the freebies available during the carnival, get some free gem packs using these Dislyte codes.

To top it off, the new Dusk & Dawn Dungeon adds a brand new level of challenge for players. Full of troublemakers and alienated souls, this place is home to all defiant travellers. The dungeon contains hidden areas like underground labs and dark towers which are all hidden behind a cloud of darkness. Staying in there too long brings nothing but pain.

Get ready for the new expansion by downloading Dislyte now for free.

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