Call of Duty Mobile is wrapping up 2022 with Season 11: Ultimate Frontier launching next week

Call of Duty Mobile is wrapping up 2022 with Season 11: Ultimate Frontier launching next week

With just about three weeks to go before the year ends, Activision has managed to squeeze in another season of Call of Duty Mobile. After a season featuring popular football stars, we end the year with an epic battle, as Call of Duty Mobile Season 11: Ultimate Frontier launches next week.

Beginning December 14th, the eleventh and final season of the year will launch for CODM. Chaos is coming as the Atlas Corporation’s wrongdoings have been exposed, bringing the UAC down on Atlas’s territory in New Vision City. Vladimir Makarov sees this as the perfect time to carry out his diabolical plans as he launches an all-out war that will change the entire CODM universe.

Battle Pass

While the game may be preparing for terror, it is still the holiday season with Christmas around the corner, and the battle pass will exemplify just that. Expect to see holiday-themed items and cosmetics with a slight cosmic touch because that’s where things seem to be going, to space.

New Map

The Crossroads Strike Map that was introduced last season has been revamped to make it bigger as it expands past the Munitions Storage and Annex Buildings. A bunch of vehicles have been added too to ensure players can get through the snowy terrain fast and in style.

New Multiplayer Mode

Called Ground War 2.0, this new mod features a 12v12 battle that will launch with season 11. With it, comes the new War Beast Tank, a deadly vehicle with immense health and the capability of dealing a significant amount of damage. The driver has a machine gun while the co-driver gets smoke bombs. Each side will have its own War Beast.

In addition to this, holiday-themed seasonal events and challenges will also take place, with lots of gifts and updates to the store to celebrate Christmas.

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