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Brave Nine tier list - Each character ranked by their class

Brave Nine tier list - Each character ranked by their class

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Updated on February 19th, 2024 - Version: 2.52.12 - Latest addition: - Venus, Diane

We have created a complete Brave Nine tier list of all the best units in the game released thus far in the global version, so if you want to create a viable team, our article should help you have a better understanding of which units to pick based on their trait/class.

Since deciding who the best units in Brave Nine are isn't exactly simple - because all of them fill different roles and their true prowess shines through when they're paired with other good units - you will have to try quite a few combos in order to determine who is right for your team.

Keep all your units and upgrade the best ones

This Brave Nine tier list will rank the maxed-out units, which is something all F2P players will be able to achieve if they allocate their resources right. For starters, you should never sell the copies of golden heroes you get. Make sure you combine them for making valuable copies of your mercenaries, so they'll always come in handy. If you want to use something for ranking up your mercenaries, use the lower ones, such as the silver ones.

Nothing will really go to waste in this game if done right, so you want to min-max everything in due time (especially your best mercenaries).

Brave Nine tier list breakdown

In the game, you will find the heroes divided by class, and that's mainly because you want to have a number of different classes/units that provide all sorts of buffs to your team. You will have your Mythic heroes, your Legends, Collab units, and the typical Warriors, Defenders, Magicians, and Supporters. We've divided the tier list into multi-pages where we rank them all to help you make better picks.

We ranked all the units available in the game that are 4* and above, so we skipped the 3* and lower since eventually, you will end up using them for upgrading your better units anyway. 

Feel free to use the links below to check the specific tier list you're interested in!

Mythic | Legend | Collab
Warrior | Defender | Magician | Supporter

Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Mihail Katsoris. 

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Mythic tier list

Demi-goddess Eda at the top of the Brave Nine tier list

There are only two heroes here at the moment, so we will talk about them below as well as how to obtain them.

Mythic mercenaries can be obtained through the gacha called "Summon Mythic Mercenary", and this gacha requires players to collect 4 different types of materials: Ancient Succession Log, Ancient Succession Stone, Faded Relic, and Purified Terra. Once combined, these will allow you to summon one of the Mythic mercs.

Demi-goddess Eda - She is a good unit that can provide support in the form of heals and buffs, as well as negative effects to the enemy.

Demi-goddess Frellea - Similar to Eda, Frellea can have Debuff Immunity, or powerful attacks. She has some supportive skills, but she is slightly more on the offensive side than the other Mythic merc.

Legend tier list

Brave Nine character Lucius

Legend units are powerful 6* heroes that can be key to many teams. Even as a F2P player, you will eventually get quite a few of them, so make sure to shift your team around and find the best combinations for whichever mercenaries you will get.

S Enma, Scrime, Lincross, Sillion, Lain, Babariba, Lendakrad, Lucius, Seto, Beliath, Angelica, Nartas, Refithea, Kubera, Diane
A Kumari, Sura, Venus, Uribel, Slain, Velfern, Valze, Mamonir, Levia, Alec, Granhildr, Celia
B Asmode
C -

Angelica - is a powerful 6* Warrior that can deal lots of damage to high HP enemies, ignoring DEF and reducing incoming damage. She's also immune to Debuffs, which makes her a great unit against enemies that solely rely on that.

Lucius - he is a Defender who is basically "immune" to death. His Resurrection skill allows him to revive when receiving fatal damage, also nullifying some of the damage received.

Collab units tier list

Meliodas character

Collab units are only available during certain events, and usually for a very limited period of time. So far, there have been several collabs, and even in the Global version of the game, some of them have kept their name from the JP version.

S Lloyd, Meliodas, Elizabeth, Merlin, Milim Nava
A Rean, Diane, King, Rimuru Tempest, Benimaru
B Swin, Shion
C Gobta, Sui

Warrior tier list

Brave Nine Warrior tier list - Edin

Warriors are mainly single-target-focused characters with fairly high HP and can deal good damage. They are key to many teams, and we recommend upgrading their skills as much as possible since they can have some neat skills, such as immunity to Taunt effects.

S Edin, Kiria, Larkis, Victor, Kaina, Dwen, Jin, Gunther, Rogan, Iselok, Agni, Dione
A Caim, Kaede, Susayra, Taylor, Barbara, Farrel, Ventana, Siegmund, Karin, Brisa, Varion, Alche, Xenon, Deka, Lakshmi, Hiro
B Lyudmila, Wilhelmina, Anastasia, Hanya, Foxy, Christina, Scarlet, Eizen, Kry, Corette, Eunrang, Kellan, Krull, Cordelia, Jarek
C Yuri, Eleaneer, Dalvi, Elija, Maxwell, Lian, Kanna, Dr. Morgan, Camilla, Niya, Zakan, Leto, Maya, Orienne, Dominique, Viola, Ridel, Octavia, Rigenette

Defender tier list

Orphina character

Defenders are usually the ones that stay in the front line, and they can feature skills that increase their and their teammates' defences. They can also have Taunting effects. They are necessary for most team combinations, especially in PvP when a well-cast Taunt can save your entire team.

S Orphina, Zenith, Cecilia, Arkan, Ymir, Britain, Pyran
A Kang, Isaac, Calorone, Ludia, Baine, Gloria, Vermont, Astrid, Aiela, Mora, Iris, Goro
B Benshina, Arwen, Antonio, Lecliss, Kaylin, Aaron, Seir, Rafina, Deomaron, Exile, Bellasier, Ayan, Martina, Rene, Mercedes, Kaci
C Kaoli, Glacia, Martius, Acha, Grace, Demarisa, Gaius, Jacklin, Yuria, BDM N-0524, Arlos, Joseph, Frederica, Grosa

Magician tier list

Magicians are ideal characters that have good damage, as well as AoE that can help players attack multiple units with one single blow. Their patterns can differ, so not all of them can attack all the tiles - hence, it's recommended to learn exactly who the units you deploy are, what their strengths are, and how you can use their skills to their full extent. Mages can have amazing CC, can stun enemies, or apply other useful debuffs.

S Anubis, Elise, Eldora, Ulfin
A Muse, Helga, Catherine, Lumen, Edwin, Lillian, Morgana, Eldora, Evelyn, Kaike, Leah, Lufel
B Haruna, Minua, Nerua, Ale, Freesia, Hijin, Bathory, Garinoth, Claudia, Lorang, Wester, Alicia, Esther, Hell
C Valtor, Shaman, Naius, Charlotte, Dr. Logic, Chalkle, Bruno, Lucrezia, Zarka, Magnus, Agaron, Kyle, Ors

Supporter tier list

Delsahidne is at the bottom of the Brave Nine tier list

Every team needs at least one good Supporter, no matter the game content. In PvE, PvP or other instances, their skills can make a world of difference. Sometimes you can use multiple supports, but not always. Some of them can also pair better with Magicians since their skills can affect their AoEs, so make sure to check what skills you have unlocked and with whom they can be deployed for better use of their kit.

S Delsahidne, Seol Ah, Stella, Venaka, Veronia, Hephaesia, Isabel, Ceres, Merry White, Ryde
A Galania, Albion, Walya, Floria, Sabrina, Helena, Ebony, Indra
B Crocell, Eindolin, Laura, Themis, Mary, Serendia, Anais
C Michaela, Lulu, Naressa, Sarubia, Kuwik, Ino, Vincent, Elijah, John

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