Brave Nine celebrates 5th anniversary with big news on future titles and in-game celebrations

Brave Nine celebrates 5th anniversary with big news on future titles and in-game celebrations
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Hit strategy RPG Brave Nine, post the recent announcement that it would receive numerous spin-off titles, is now celebrating its 5th anniversary by officially announcing global releases of all of those spin-offs as well as a few other updates.

As mentioned before, Brave Nine was set up to receive two spin-offs as well as a direct sequel, however, when those facts were originally announced, we were unsure if they would end up receiving a global release as well. Now, we know for sure that each and every title previously offered by Neowiz will receive a global version, allowing American fans to get involved as well.

The details of the spin-offs were covered prior to this article, but as a short recap, we have both Brave Nine Story and Brave Nine Puzzle. Story is looking to venture into the visual novel side of things and offers up a storyline that follows Brave Nine and still features familiar mechanics, such as battles and collecting characters, only this one is more focused on narrative than tactics. It is expected to release later this year.


Brave Nine Puzzle is a match-3 puzzler that fuses that popular genre with Brave Nine’s tactics RPG gameplay, also featuring plenty of character collection and boss fights. It is similarly expected to launch later this year as well.

Of course, to celebrate this massive anniversary, Brave Nine itself is hosting plenty of updates to existing content alongside events that will offer epic rewards for existing players and new players alike. These range from a brand new Mythic Mercenary and Rune to updates to Boss Raids, PVP, and fan-favourite Mercenaries as well.

Also of note, the play-to-earn version of Brave Nine will soon be merged with the base game as an optional server. In this version, the tradable in-game resource Terra can be converted into NFTs of Mythic Mercenaries and Runes, or Brave Tokens, which can then be converted into Neopin Tokens, Neowiz’s Blockchain currency.

And finally, an update on Brave Nine 2. It is still under development, but a massive reveal is planned for later this year. All of this to say, this is a huge year for Brave Nine fans, so if you haven’t gotten involved, you can check it out for free on both Google Play and the App Store.

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