Blue Archive's upcoming update features new story events, characters, and more

Blue Archive's upcoming update features new story events, characters, and more
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Nexon has prepared another update for its popular mobile JRPG Blue Archive, which features new event stories, characters, and more. While the update is not due until next week at least, pre-registrations have already begun on the game’s official website.

This new content update on Blue Archive will mainly focus on two event stories – Schale’s Happy Valentine Patrol and Kosaka Wakamo’s Silence and Feast. We may be in August right now (and September by the time these events go live), but it seems like Kivotos is celebrating Valentine’s Day right now.

Better late than never! Since it is a day of celebrations there is a chance that things could go out of hand, and so, Sensei and her band of students will traverse the city ensuring things are alright, which of course they won’t be.

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A third story will also be part of this update. It is a continuation of the Main Story Volume three: Eden Treaty Chapter three: Our Stories, which is out now. This chapter went live with last month’s update and we draw closer to the end with this one.

The second half of Our Stories sees Azuna and the Make-Up Work Club students making their way to the battlefield where they will take on Arius Squad’s ambush and do their best to stop them. To celebrate this expansion, everyone logging in before August 30th will receive 1,200 Pyroxene for free.

In addition to this Serika (New Year) also graces Blue Archive. She is a piercing-type supporter whose targets are in an arch-shaped range. Her ability allows her to reduce the opponents’ critical damage for 30 seconds as well. Finally, Yong-Ha Kim, Blue Archive’s executive director penned a letter to the players as well, outlining things about the upcoming update. It can be found on the event website.

Pre-register quickly as 500,000 random players stand to win 2,400 Pyroxene. Download Blue Archive now for free.

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