Blue Archive's latest update continues the main story with the addition of Vol. 3 Eden Treaty: Chapter 3 Our Stories

Blue Archive's latest update continues the main story with the addition of Vol. 3 Eden Treaty: Chapter 3 Our Stories
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Nexon has been hosting numerous events in its popular mobile JRPG Blue Archive in recent times. The latest event - Hot Springs Resort No. 227 Daily Log - saw a bunch of students discover gorgeous hot springs and open a resort while also managing all the drama that comes along with it. At that time, the developers also teased what was to come in Blue Archive with a roadmap for new content that will be launched over the coming months.

We’ve already reached the first pit stop of this map as Blue Archive’s latest update introduces an expansion to the main story with the release of Vol. 3 Eden Treaty: Chapter 3 Our Stories. This has been coupled with the addition of a new playable character – Nodoka (Hot Springs) and a bunch of 1,200 free Pyroxenes for everyone who logs into the game before August 2nd.

Let’s start talking about Vol. 3 Eden Treaty: Chapter 3 Our Stories, which builds further onto the story of Blue Archive as the Sensei and his students sign the Eden Treaty which finally reveals the traitor of Trinity General School. Everything seems like it’s fine and normalcy is back with the imprisonment of this traitor but of course, that can’t be the case. A sudden twist causes things to get completely messed up and Trinity is back in chaos.

Red Winter Federal Academy’s Spec Ops No. 227’s special student is Nodoka (Hot Spring), the latest heroine coming to Blue Archive’s already massive roster of characters. Her EX Skill is capable of healing an ally with the lowest health in a circular range by throwing a bunch of yummy snacks at them.

Besides the 1,200 Pyroxenes up for grabs, players logging in daily until August 9th will also receive 100 Pyroxenes a day with the seventh day giving away the three-star Furniture Twinkling Christmas Tree that increases café Comfort.

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