Blue Archive's main story continues with the release of Eden Treaty: Chapter 2 Paradise Paradox

Asuna Bunny is also here with lots of other goodies

Blue Archive's main story continues with the release of Eden Treaty: Chapter 2 Paradise Paradox
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Nexon recently revealed a roadmap for its popular JRPG Blue Archive. It consisted of numerous events, side stories, and expansions to the main story as well. now, we are finally near the launch of the main story expansion – the first half of volume three of the main story, titled Eden Treaty: Chapter 2 Paradise Paradox. This new story revolves around the Make Up World Club and Eden Treaty of Trinity General School. Mysterious events are taking place at Trinity and Gehenna and players must investigate the suspicious happenings.

We also saw the introduction of characters in bunny costumes thanks to the Bunny Chasers on Board event. this update builds on that with the addition of the bunny girl heroine Asuna. She is a Mystic type support character that makes use of all the charm and beauty she possesses in her attractive outfit. Combat wise she is capable of depleting enemy defence around her while her EX Skill deals damage in accordance to the attack.

The Blue Archive half-anniversary events also continue with the opening of a new Digital Merch Pop-up Store that features Bunny Girl characters and other story themes. Players can expect to find load of digital content in the form of wallpapers, profile pics, background music, and stickers for PC, mobile, and tablet devices, all for free.

Nexon is also giving away a bunch of goodies to everyone. The Send a Momo Talk to Cheer on the Bunny Chasers! Event will reward everyone with 600 Pyroxenes provided they send a message to the C&C members before May 31st. A raffle event will also gift lucky players a Sittim Chest merch bundle. Finally, to celebrate the story expansion, everyone logging in until May 26th will be rewarded with 1,200 Pyroxenes and 3x Commissions Rewards until May 24th.

Dive deeper into the immersive anime world by downloading Blue Archive for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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