Blue Archive is celebrating its half-aversary with the Blue Archive Awards competition

Blue Archive is celebrating its half-aversary with the Blue Archive Awards competition
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Blue Archive launched about six months ago and pretty much climbed the JRPG ladder all the way to the top. It was received extremely well received and rapidly became everyone’s favourite anime RPG on mobile. Nexon is celebrating Blue Archive’s achievement with a special half-anniversary event called the Blue Archive Awards.

The Blue Archive Awards is a special ceremony consisting of four different categories for players to participate in. It involves bringing personal experiences they went through while playing the game and winners will be selected via a community vote. The contest is currently open to all and submissions will be accepted until Sunday, May 22nd. Then, the voting phase begins with the winners being announced on May 27th. 

Here's a look at the categories of the Blue Archive Awards:

  1. Interior Expert – This category involves players showcasing what their Schale Café looks like. Players just need to share a screenshot of how they have decorated their café to display the game’s characters, academy, and scenarios.
  2. Artist of Kivotos – This one is for those who want to flex their penmanship, music, or artistic skills. Participants can submit drawings, written pieces, videos, and music that fit the half-anniversary and revolves around Blue Archive.
  3. Schale Field Captain – The third category dives a little deeper and asks players to explain the importance of Blue Archive in their lives. Kinda like how it has influenced them for example, having Blue Archive wallpapers, posters, and trying out recipes from the Gourmet Research Society.
  4. Academy Wordsmith – For everyone who believes the pen is mightier than the sword, this contest is perfect for you. Players must write a short essay on what life at Kivotos is like.

It should also be pretty clear that no post-processing of screenshots, stealing others’ submissions, or giving away personal information should occur as it will lead to direct disqualification.

If you wish to participate, check out the official website for the Blue Archive Awards. Download Blue Archive for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Tanish Botadkar
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