Blue Archive brings back the Kivolos Halo Festival in major March madness

Blue Archive brings back the Kivolos Halo Festival in major March madness
  • Blue Archive's Kivolos Halo Festival returns
  • Two new characters are on the docket, as well as returning recruits
  • There's also livestreams, minigames and more available during the event

Popular RPG Blue Archive is bringing back one of the game's biggest events, the Kivotos Halo Festival. The event includes the return of two unlockable characters and two exclusive minigames that will be available outside of Blue Archive itself. You'll need to ensure that the students of Kivotos overcome obstacles in their way to make sure the field day goes off without a hitch...

Blue Archive has you take on the role of 'Sensei', leading the students of the academic city of Kivotos to battle a number of threats. Naturally, since this is a gacha game there is a huge variety of students and their variations to recruit into battle, and for the Kivotos Halo Festival the two latest ones will be Kotori (Cheer Squad) who'll be available from the beginning of the event (today) to March 21st, and Haruna (Track) will be available from that date to the end of the event.

This is a game about shooting people right?
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Well, yes, but actually, no

Yes, if you're not a fan of the cutesy, animesque gacha games, then Blue Archive is unlikely to make you a fan. But for players and fans, the Kivotos Halo Festival does represent a deluge of new characters to recruit, as well as a surprising number of other side activities. For example, the official Blue Archive site will feature two minigames - Running Fast! Kivotos-style Training and Spike It! Kivotos Volleyball Tournament - as well as ongoing live streams via the game's YouTube channel featuring the characters of Blue Archive.

And whether you're a beginner or veteran, you can see where your favourite character stacks up in our definitive Blue Archive character tier-list. You can also get a head-start by perusing our list of Blue Archive gift codes to get some extra goodies completely free.

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