Blue Archive pulls into the station with new event Trip Trap Train

The event introduces new and returning characters to the roster

Blue Archive pulls into the station with new event Trip Trap Train
  • Blue Archive is a tactical RPG combat game from Nexon
  • The latest event, Trip Trap Train, introduces new and returning characters
  • Trip Trap Train sees the characters trying to retrieve a mysterious artifact on a high-speed train

Blue Archive, the popular tactical RPG from Nexon, is seeing a big new event taking place. Trip Trap Train introduces new stories to experience, characters to recruit and more. This latest event sees the return of fan favourites Akko and Iori, as well as two new characters; Ichika and Kasumi.

In Trip Trap Train the students, and Sensei, are now searching for a mysterious artifact. The only twist is that this is no average battleground, but the inside of a fast-moving train. Supposedly whatever this is has huge ramifications for the story of Blue Archive.

Set in the giant academy city of Kivotos, Blue Archive sees players take on the role of 'Sensei' in combatting criminal groups and other threats to the city. To do so you'll have to recruit from the student body to form your own force to fight back these various groups and threats.

Train to Kivotos
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The Trip Trap Train event (try saying that three times fast) is set to be a pretty big one. And whatever you can say about Blue Archive you can't fault them for putting out consistent content updates. In this new event, you'll be able to acquire event points, Train Tickets, and Document Bags as you make your way through the story. You can also get additional rewards by deploying characters from the Justice Task Force, Hot Springs Department, Prefect Team, or Tea Party groups.

You can also look forward to a new 'M' difficulty rating for Commissions, new daily mission events, and of course a lot of story explaining just what the heck is going on with this train and the artifact they're searching for.

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