Blue Archive is releasing the Academy Club Story with two new students as chaos erupts in the Knowledge Liberation Front

Blue Archive is releasing the Academy Club Story with two new students as chaos erupts in the Knowledge Liberation Front
  • New event story focusing on the Knowledge Liberation Front
  • Two new characters Meru and Momiji will be added
  • Several event-themed rewards up for grabs

Nexon has just announced a brand new event for Blue Archive titled Academy Club Story: A Pair's Final Adventure, which carries forward the anime-styled RPG’s narrative. In this event, you will uncover the secrets of the Knowledge Liberation Front and embark on an exciting journey alongside new characters.

The Academy Club Story event kicks off with Luna, the mysterious book of misfortune, causing chaos in the library and in the Knowledge Liberation Front club. To overcome this threat, club leaders Meru and Momiji must put aside their differences and join forces to defeat the book and suppress all the evil that resides within it.

Meru and Momiji bring distinctive abilities to the table and must not be taken lightly. Meru is a Piercing type Striker who deals obscene damage to a single enemy, while also applying burn damage over time. Momiji, on the other hand, is a Sonic-type Striker dealing brutal damage in a circular area. If two new characters weren’t enough, Cherino and Marina from Red Winter Federal Academy also make their returns, offering new opportunities for growth and improvement.

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Plus, with Nexon's Double Rewards Campaign, you'll have the chance to progress even faster until March 11th. If from Red Winter Federal Academy, the Gehenna Academy Prefect Team and the Trinity General School Library Committee are recruited, you’ll earn even more rewards.

As you make your way through the event stages, you'll earn event currency that can be traded for exclusive rewards, including Meru's Interactive Manuscript Work Desk and Momiji's Classic Library Chair. Don't forget to visit the Event Card Shop to play minigames and earn additional rewards such as Eleph and Artifacts.

Explore this new story by downloading Blue Archive now from your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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