Blue Archive, the popular anime gacha RPG, is set to host its first closed beta test for Chinese servers

Blue Archive, the popular anime gacha RPG, is set to host its first closed beta test for Chinese servers
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Popular anime strategy gacha RPG Blue Archive is due to finally begin beta testing within Chinese regions in the coming few days. From June 22nd to July 5th, a closed beta test will be held that will see how successful the game can be within China specifically, having already launched a global version with light region locking, with China, unfortunately, locked out of that one.

Blue Archive launched quite some time ago now and has seen a large number of different updates, crossovers, and content patches. It’s remained quite successful, utilizing an interesting mix of auto-battling and strategic ability usage on a top-down battlefield. This, alongside the Japanese high school setting and a very endearing cast, has led to Blue Archive remaining one of the top gachas out there currently.

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Gameplay-wise, you can expect some semi-typical gacha affairs here. You collect characters from the various gacha banners, implement them into your team that you must build with each character’s role in mind, and then further upgrade said team members with materials gathered from playing the game. Of course, down the road, you’ll begin creating different teams for different types of content until you can eventually best everything within the game.

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The combat side of things sees you taking part in an auto battler that pushes your team forward with the camera. You then get to choose when to use abilities and which ones, so it really comes down to timing and understanding your team’s kits more so than anything else.

And now, after so much time since the original launch, players within China will finally be able to play Blue Archive themselves. If you want to sign up for the closed beta test phase, you can do so simply by pre-registering for the game at either of the links below!

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