Blue Archive adds two new characters and gives away plenty of goodies with an early Christmas event

Blue Archive adds two new characters and gives away plenty of goodies with an early Christmas event
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Nexon has announced a festive new update for Blue Archive, letting players enjoy the holiday spirit months in advance within the mobile RPG. In particular, players can expect to dive into a charity drive in "Cathedra’s Merry Christmas: Remedial Knights’ Gift", because who says Christmas should only come once?

In the latest update for Blue Archive, players can look forward to welcoming two new students to the fray: Serina (Christmas) and Hanae (Christmas). There will also be two episodes of the mini-stories "The Red Winter Tour Log", where players can learn more about the students in a different way. More episodes will be released further down the road.

Speaking of new characters, if you're wondering which one to add to your roster, why not check out our Blue Archive tier list to make sure you've got the best squad from the summons pool?

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Additionally, various Elephs and equipment will be up for grabs, as well as Pyroxene x400 and Secret Tech Notes. Players can also expect to score Pyroxene x100 every single day - yes, Nexon is giving away these in-game goodies daily until June 27th, because it's all about charity, isn't it? To top it all off, a new Furniture item, the Warm Christmas Fireplace, will be available on the 7th day.

In the meantime, if you're eager to join in on all the fun of the latest update, you can do so by downloading Blue Archive on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can visit the official website to stay updated on all the latest developments as well, join the community of followers on Twitter for more juicy details, or take a little sneak peek at the embedded clip above to get a feel of the game's newest additions.

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