Blue Archive releases new storyline in collaboration with popular anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun T

Get your hands on iconic characters from the series

Blue Archive releases new storyline in collaboration with popular anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun T
  • Three new characters from the show join the game
  • Special storyline involving sending the heroes back to their home
  • Login rewards up for grabs

Nexon has just announced a new collaboration event for Blue Archive, bringing another anime series to the strategic RPG. This time, A Certain Scientific Railgun T will join the title for an epic event with a new storyline. Iconic characters like Misaka Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, and Saten Ruiko will be recruited as you try to send them back to their world.

The Blue Archive x A Certain Scientific Railgun T event is called A Certain Scientific Record of Youth, and takes place while the Sensei is on a break from Schale. His holiday is unfortunately ruined when characters from the anime find themselves unconscious in the Ruins of Kivotos.

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Given the seriousness of the situation, the Sensei decides to cancel his vacation to help these mysterious visitors in the Academic City. They must go back to their original universe and only you can help them do this. You can kick things off with Behind Road 73, the first episode which will allow you to unlock Saten Ruiko, the problem solver with a gift of intuition.

As you progress through the event, you’ll be able to unlock the other two heroes. Misaka Mikoto, who fans will recognise as one of the strongest espers, is able to strike down enemies using her powers of electricity. Within the game, she is a Piercing-type Striker with an EX Skill that does obscene damage in a straight line.

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Then there’s Shokuhou Misaki, a mentalist with psychic abilities. In Blue Archive, she’ll be available as an Explosive-type Striker that deals heavy damage to foes. She can also confuse up to two enemies around her in a circular area. Finally, don’t forget to grab some login rewards by launching the game over the next two weeks.

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