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Bloons TD 6 strategy guide

Bloons TD 6 strategy guide

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Spreading the love of tower defence games and sharing the complexity of a puzzle game, Bloons TD 6 remains to be a fan-favourite among TD lovers. While your love may be to conquer as many opponents as you meet in the Arena or to explore the diversity in formations for your towers, we all can agree that it takes a lot of skill and tactics to be able to win. You must have had numerous trials and errors with your formations before settling for one that performs.

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If you’re searching for tried and tested Bloons TD 6 strategies to increase your win rate, you’re in the right place! We have compiled a list of strategies that are widely used by veterans and pros of the game to crush those nasty bloons into the ground. Naturally, strategies are theoretical knowledge for a formation, and until you implement it yourself, you won’t get the hang of it. Make sure to practice the mentioned strategies in your free time and apply them to your runs, as they are quite literally free to use!

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Strategy #1 - Placing heroes early on the map

You will often notice that enemies always start placing their heroes during the preparation time given to them instead of waiting until your enemies spawn. This is a tried and tested tactic which allows your placed heroes to get stronger, even if for a few additional seconds. How, you might ask? Well, the game has a quirky built-in experience system which provides free experience to placed heroes on the map over time.

Heroes are automatically upgraded over time without the need to manually interfere with the process. The higher their level, the higher their stats, and the stronger they will be on the battlefield. A higher-level but lower-rarity hero will always outperform a lower-level but higher-rarity hero. That’s how important levelling of heroes is in the long run, especially in competitive matches. Sadly, there are some heroes which require a lot more to place and you will need to wait for the cost to recharge over time before placing them.

Strategy #2 - Dart Monkeys are one of the best starter units

This is one of the most profound tips given by almost the majority of veterans to all kinds of players. Often, if you’re not running a swanky strategy of unit placement, the best strategy is to simply place 2 Dark Monkeys on either side of the map. They are low-cost and quite efficient in finishing off all the minions that come with the first few waves. Moreover, some team compositions even rely on having wave clearers, and Dart Monkeys are adept at the task - especially as they level up the highest among your units over time due to being placed first.

During placement of Dart Monkeys, look to place them at the start of the wave, or where the enemies start spawning. Do not look forward to upgrading them, as they are going to be efficient only up until the mid-game stages. They lack the damage to kill heavier Bloons and you will eventually need to replace them with higher quality units.

Strategy #3 - Focus on the early half of the map first

As we mentioned before, placing your units near the area where the bloons spawn is quite helpful as it can help you kill them early on instead of putting your units in the middle. This is especially helpful for the early levels when the bloons are few and far between and weak enough to be killed in a few hits. This tactic will also leave the second half of the map open in case you want to deploy more units in the future to counter some of the bloons that escaped from the first half of the map.

Note that while this strategy might be good on paper, it does require some sacrifices in order to build upon and be truly useful. If you feel that a lot of bloons are trespassing over and your units are not able to kill them in time, simply place another low-cost unit such as a Dart Monkey at the middle or bottom of the map. Your total life is much more valuable than up-keeping a strategy that might lead to your downfall.

Strategy #4 - Judicial placement of Towers on the map

If you’ve played enough games, you might already realize that there are some crucial areas where a ton of bloons always group up. This is especially true if you’re trying to master a particular strategy or team composition. It is actually called the “track movement” of bloons by players in the community. Placing your Towers on the map where they will cover the highest track movement area is going to be beneficial for you in the long run as well as the short term.

Towers that cover the highest areas will always deal more damage than towers placed in niche areas on the map. This will help you stay in the current run for the longest possible time, helping you kill the highest number of bloons possible, and raking up your score to new heights.

Strategy #5 - Creating a team that supports your placed Hero

You only get 1 chance to deploy a hero on the map. This hero should be your main focus to build around your team formation. To strategize efficiently, it’s always recommended that you know the ins and outs of your hero, in terms of their skills, active and passive abilities, factions, and much more. There are multiple different kinds of heroes in-game, with each one being unique and new ones being added almost on a monthly basis. The game is quite generous to give out free heroes along the guide missions path as you reach Level 28.

Read out the hero’s abilities and play around them to form a solid team composition. For example, if your hero provides passive stat bonuses to units near them, then place it in such an area where enemies spawn in abundance and you also have free spots to place all your units around them. If your hero specializes in providing more cost generation for you, then spread out your resources thinly and choose a formation that has high-cost and high-value units to be placed on the map. Also, don’t be afraid to retreat and re-position your existing units on the map.

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