Bloons TD 6, the legendary tower defense game, launches on Netflix

Bloons TD 6, the legendary tower defense game, launches on Netflix
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The legendary and beloved tower defence game Bloons TD 6 has launched onto Netflix’s Game platform, allowing any and all subscribers to the service free access to one of the most well-known tower defence games out there! Overall, the contents of the game remain the same, but this gives Netflix subscribers the chance to try the game out free of charge and get to popping some balloons.

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Bloons TD is a franchise that needs no introduction. Starting out as a flash game, this series went on to release 6 different iterations, with the 6th being the most popular of all. Focusing on this entry, this game is loaded to the brim with content that can range from simple and easy on the brain to some of the most challenging stages available within any game ever made, let alone any tower defence one.

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Mechanically, Bloons plays a lot like other tower defence games. You place down monkeys who each do different things, and an endless stream of different balloons comes charging at you on a set path. You’ll then upgrade your monkeys using resources generated from structures you place down, and from there, the game ramps up in difficulty to some potentially insane degrees.

And when I say insane, I don’t mean simple challenging stuff. We’re talking full-on cannot see the screen at all types of levels where all you can do is rely on your towers to take care of the work while massive airships and huge armoured balloons storm your gates. It’s absolute insanity once you get to the late game, but it does require some grinding to get there.

Frankly, Bloons TD 6 is probably just the best tower defence game ever made. But don’t take my word for it! If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ll be able to download the game for free at either of the links below this article!

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