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Black Clover Mobile tier list

Black Clover Mobile tier list

All of your favourite characters from the game are ranked by power.

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Updated on November 27th, 2023 - Version: 1.01.069

Based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series, Black Clover Mobile brings the adventures of Asta and his friends to your mobile device. As the game stays true to the Black Clover story, there's a plethora of collectible characters with unique skills that you probably already know from the anime and manga series like Yuno, Noelle, and Yumi. In Black Clover M, there are various modes you can play in, but to progress, you're going to need strong characters on your side.

Table of Contents
S+ Tier
S Tier
A Tier
B Tier
C Tier

We ranked every character in Black Clover Mobile based on their overall performance in every aspect of the game (PvE and PvE) to give you a good idea of who's exceptional and who's just not worth your time. C Tier characters are the weakest ones while S+ are considered to be the strongest.

So, without any further ado, let's get right into our Black Clover Mobile tier list!

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S+ Tier

Character Element Class
Noelle Silva (Swimsuit S2 Variant) Power Attack
Asta (Clover Academy Variant) Power Attack
Yami Sukehiro Power Attack
Charlotte Roselei Power Debuf
Mars Technique Defend
Fana Technique Attack
William Vangeance Technique Support
Lotus Whomalt Technique Debuf
Kiato Technique Attack
Mimosa Sense Healer
Rades Spirito Sense Defend

These are the absolute best characters in the game currently. Among them, Noelle Silva (Swimsuit S2 variant) is a cut above everyone else. We could have created a separate tier just for her, but we've decided against it. Regardless, she's the best character in Black Clover M for the time being.

Kiato is a close second in terms of power and he's overall an excellent Attack character. Obviously, since we are talking about the S+ tier, all of these characters excel in both PvP and PvE respectively.

S Tier

Character Element Class
Finral Roulacase Power Support
Sally Power Support
Vetto Power Defend
Gauche Adlai (Swimsuit Variant) Technique Support
Yami Sukehiro (Clover Academy Variant) Technique Support
Kahono Technique Healer
Jack the Ripper Technique Attack
Yuno (Swimsuit Variant) Sense Debuff
Rill Boismortier Sense Debuff
Rhya Sense Attack
Licht Sense Attack
Finral Roulacase is the only SR rarity character ranked this high. Not only that, but he is one of the best characters in the game, especially when it comes to PvP.

This variant of Gauche (Swimsuit) is very strong both in PvP and PvE terms.

Yuno (Swimsuit) is one of the latest characters that was released in June 2023. In general, all these characters are excellent in any type of content and are great options for any team.

A Tier

Character Element Class
Leopold Vermillion Power Attack
Asta Power Defend
Theresa Power Healer
Mimosa Vermillion Power Healer
Noelle Silva Power Support
Gauche Adlai Technique Attack
Gifso Technique Support
Sol Marron Technique Defend
Charmy Papitson Technique Healer
Yuno Sense Attack
Fuegoleon Vermillion Sense Attack
Vanessa Enoteca Sense Support

A-Tier characters are good options, especially in the earlier stages of the game. Some of them can still be an asset later on as well, but mostly when it comes to PvE content.Asta, Leopold, Fuegoleon, and Yuno are somewhat decent in PvP as well and call fill certain roles until you can replace them with S/S+ characters.

B Tier

Character Element Class
Shiren Tium Power Debuff
Magna Swing Power Debuff
Nozel Silva Technique Debuff
Solid Silva Technique Attack
Luck Voltia Technique Debuff
Nebra Silva Sense Debuff
Valtos Sense Support

As someone who has read the Black Clover manga and watched the anime, I found that having to put Noel in B-tier didn't feel quite right. But, it is what it is. There are simply much better options. If I were ranking the characters based solely on their PvP performance, Valtos would be S tier at the very least - but this tier list takes both PvE and PvP performance into consideration. As for the other characters in this tier, they are viable options only in the early game.

C Tier

Character Element Class
Neige Power Debuff
Lily Power Healer
Baro Power Defend
Geork Power Attack
Gordon Agrippa Technique Debuff
Revchi Salik Technique Debuff
Heath Grice Technique Debuff
Sekke Bronzazza Technique Defend
Salim de Hapshass Technique Attack
Catherine Sense Debuff
Marx Francois Sense Support
Alecdora Sandler Sense Attack
Klaus Lunettes Sense Defend

These are simply the worst characters in Black Clover M. Of course, you wouldn't expect anything different from R-rarity characters. Obviously, you should only use them if you don't have any other choice in the early levels. Let's all hope for a new Gordon variant that will make this fan-favourite character playable in the future.

Sadly, this is the end of the Black Clover tier list! In case you have some comments about the list, let's talk about it below. And if you're playing similar games, you'd be psyched to know that we are featuring the Valiant Force 2 tier list, Watcher of Realms tier list, and for fans of show-based games, we have the Avatar Generations tier list. Pick your poison!

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