Everyone loves detective games! A good mystery is always just around the corner (if you know where to look that is). If your love for the genre is only matched by the thrill of hunting said mystery, there is a high chance you've watched at least one crime TV show, played some CSI games or read a nail-biting book.

However, there are always some hidden gems that you might not be familiar with.

Games that challenge our strategic thinking and perception of details are arguably more than just games. Detective games are one such example, and just like you might expect, they come in a multitude of shapes and forms. To name a few, you have some rich story-driven games, games that cleverly combine intricate puzzles with mysteries and hidden object games.

How did we pick the best Detective games for Android?

When you really have no idea which ones you should play first, you need a solid list that will provide you with some of the best detective games on Android devices. That brings us here. Below you'll find our top 25 picks that stand out from multiple points of view. Be it an extremely well-done scenario, a narrative that keeps you glued to your phone or some outstanding graphics, you'll have plenty of titles that won't disappoint.

Don't own an Android device? Then check out our top 10 detective games for iPhone and iPad!

We've listed games that will captivate you through their story, their genuine detective experience, and some that we just couldn't put down, despite being rather simple. So, no doubt there will be an Android detective game for you.

Ready? Then let's check them out!