Updated on: July 19th, 2021 - Adjusted wording and tier list

You're not sure which characters to turn to for carrying you through the stages? Or you would like to know which Constructs are the best? Look no further than here - below you'll find a complete Punishing: Gray Raven tier list, AKA PGR Tier List, where we discuss all the characters in the game and what they can provide.

The game's official release is just around the corner (or so we hope) and knowing that you're set with all the best heroes from the get-go could be big if you want to race to the top. Before we dive right in, we'll begin with a couple of tips to get you started.

Save all your Black Cards for event summons

More often than not, event summons give you much higher chances to obtain specific characters. Try not to spend all your Black Cards before on the normal gacha (or weapon gacha) because it'll put you behind. We recommend holding onto these cards as tightly as possible because from what we've noticed so far, the limited gachas are... very limited (only a couple of days).

Change up the formation Leader based on what you need

If you need your party to deal more damage, then you should make sure to choose a Leader that will give you that. If you are looking to be tankier, then try out a different Construct (like Nanami or Kamui). Either way, try to change them up to receive the buff that you need most. You don't have to worry about switching out the characters in-game because you can freely toggle between the 3 members of your team anytime during battle.

Use your Construct fragments to upgrade their rank

Take for example Lucia or Liv - they are your starting characters, and you'll get them at rank B. However, once you collect some more fragments for them, you can simply head on to the Train -> Evolve option and upgrade them. Each rank will require 10 training sessions, which will start at 1 fragment per (at Rank B), then 2 fragments per (at Rank A) and so on.

Characters that are already A-rank will be upgraded to S-rank, but they'll also be slightly more difficult to obtain.

So, now that you're all caught up with some of the most basic tips, let's dive into the tier list of best characters in Punishing: Gray Raven!

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