In Pokemon GO, Shiny Pokemon are always being looked for. They are rare, alternately coloured variants compared to normal Pokemon. I have been on the hunt for in Pokemon GO for Shiny and have been lucky enough to get quite a few, so I am now looking to help you find a bunch of shinies yourself! There are a lot of Pokemon that have shiny varieties and it is rare to find these special versions, so let’s get into everything you need to know.

Shiny Pokemon were first put into Pokemon Go as part of the Water Festival Event, starting with Gyarados and Magikarp, however, there are new Shiny Pokemon added into the game with each event and Community Day.

pokemon go shiny

Shiny Pokemon can be seen by a sparkle icon when they are in your backpack or on the character’s name when you face it in the wild. These Pokemon do not look Shiny when they are presented on the map - only when you select them and try to capture them will they be Shiny.

How often will you find one?

How often you will find Shiny Pokemon do depend on if there is an event day active. On specific Community Days, where it is announced that you will be more likely to find a Shiny Pokemon, there is a higher chance - sometimes as high as 1 in 20. Outside of events, however, it is estimated to be as low as 1 in 500.

You do have a slight chance of hatching Shiny Pokemon too - so do keep your eggs in their incubators.

Can everyone in Pokemon GO see Shiny on the map?

As mentioned before, Pokemon will not be Shiny on the map view. They also won’t be Shiny on the “Nearby” showcase. If you find a Shiny, it won’t show up for the person you are playing with, as it’s done on a player by player basis. This means that the Pokemon you tapped, that turned out to be Shiny, probably won’t be for anyone else that taps it.

Pokemon GO shiny

How do I show off my Pokemon GO Shiny?

You can place your Shiny Pokemon in gyms, as long as it is not a Legendary Pokemon (as those can’t go in gyms) and as long as there isn’t already a regular version of that Pokemon currently defending the gym. You can make your buddy a Shiny - allowing your friends on your friend list to see your cool Pokemon.

Do they have different stats than non-Shiny?

No. Shiny Pokemon have the same stats as their non-Shiny versions, as well as the same attacks and movesets. The only exception is that if you evolve specific shinies during their Community day event, they will get more exclusive moves as a part of the event.

Shiny Pokemon that are evolved will keep their Shiny status, so don’t be afraid to level them up and evolve them.

You can see all of your Shiny Pokemon by going into your Pokemon inventory, tapping the search bar, and selecting SHINY. You might have to hit more options before Shiny will appear, however. 

Keep an eye out for community days to help you get these rare Pokemon and keep catching Pokemon in hopes of finding a Shiny!

What Shiny Pokemons are available in Pokemon GO?

It’s quite challenging to keep track of which Pokemon have Shiny variants in the game, so we have compiled a list. However, since there are a lot of Pokemon, the list is pretty huge. Therefore, we've decided to alphabetise it. Just click the big blue button below to check if you can find a Pokemon GO Shiny version of your favourite Pokemon.

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