Welcome to our list of Top 8 basketball games on iOS! When it comes to sports, you can always find digital games that try to replay the experience or take inspiration from the sport to create their game. From hyper realistic games to games that simply have some of the same things that are present in the sport, there are loads of options. Today, we are diving into the world of basketball games, looking for the top basketball games that you can currently download and play on our iOS device.

Some of these games will have real basketball players in them, for the die-hard fans who want to spend their time around players they make recognised, while others just take the simple concept of shooting hoops and bring them to your mobile phone. Perfect for playing when you are stuck at home, when the weather isn’t as good as it would need to be, or perfect for when you can’t seem to find the time to actually play.

Let’s get into this hand-picked list.