Mobile Legends Kagura best build, emblems and combos

Kagura guide updated to patch 1.6.24

Mobile Legends Kagura best build, emblems and combos

Hello, and welcome to the ML Kagura guide which will include the best build and combos that you should use to maximize the potential she has. Then at the bottom of the article, you'll be able to find the perfect heroes to match her with!

If you're a fan of the game, you're likely aware of the fact that Moonton is super active when it comes to hero optimization. Recently, one of the heroes in Mobile Legends, Kagura, became a highly picked hero in the mage category, especially in the mid to high ELO. This article is all about the best build and combos for her. You can see all of the changes that the new patch made on our ML tier list of best heroes!

Kagura belongs to the Onmyouji family who has mastered the art of Yin Yang. With perfect combos using her Seimei umbrella, you can easily burst down the enemy. If you can perfectly time her combos, then she is pretty much an Assassin.

Kagura mid lane

With huge burst damage, Kagura can also escape sticky situations. You see, she has two blinks and dashes that are activated when she throws her umbrella while the other is available right after she has used her first ultimate.

That’s all for the introduction, let’s now take a look at her best HP melting combos, the emblems that must be used and, of course, the recommended builds.

What are the best emblems to use on ML Kagura?

As she is a mage, it is highly advisable to use the Mage emblem instead of Magic. Both of them might seem similar but the attributes of the Mage emblem suits Kagura’s skillset better. Realistically, there can be two types of emblems that she can use.

MLBB Kagura - agility emblem
  • Agility - +3
  • Observation - +3
  • Magic Worship

Agility will provide extra movement speed which is quite helpful in the early game. Observation is best for extra magic penetration and Magic Worship syncs flawlessly with Kagura’s skill’s damage.

You can also use this setup.

Flow Emblem
  • Flow - +3
  • Observation - +3
  • Magic Worship

Agility can be replaced here as Kagura has enough blinks and dashes which provide her with enough movement ability. This emblem set can help you delete low HP heroes in the early game.

What are the best battle spells for her?

Kagura is mainly played as an offlaner or mid laner. Although if your team lacks a jungler, she can take up that role as well. If you plan to go to the side lanes, pick Execute and if playing as jungler, then Retribution.

What are the best builds for Kagura?

Here comes the most interesting part of this brief guide, in Mobile Legends, builds are the essential and the most important part. We will put out multiple builds which are categorised by the enemy composition.

One-shot build Kagura One shot build
  • Demon Shoes
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Genius Wand
  • Holy Crystal
  • Glowing Wand
  • Blood Wings
Regular Build Mobile Legends Kagura regular build
  • Arcane Boots
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Holy Crystal
  • Glowing Wand
  • Divine Glaive
  • Immortality

Remember that, Clock of Destiny, Holy Crystal are the core items for Kagura in Mobile Legends. Whatever may be the situation and the enemy composition, make sure you build these two items quickly. Apart from these two, you can also switch the other items depending on the situation.

Situational items 
  • High Burst damage - Winter Truncheon
  • Regen - Necklace of Durance
  • Magic Defence - Genius Wand
  • Physical Defence - Divine Glaive

What are the best combos to try with ML Kagura?

Executing perfect combos with Kagura is the most difficult part of playing her. As her skillsets are a bit tricky to understand and master, you can head to the practice mode to try out these combos before heading to a real match.

  • Skill 1 - Ultimate - Skill 2 - Ultimate - Skill 1
  • Skill 1 - Skill 2 - Ultimate - Skill 1 - Skill 2

These two combos will help you in every match, regardless of the enemy types. Those two combos totally utilize all the damage, blinks and dashes.

Kagura Blue Buff

Who is the best partner for Kagura in Mobile Legends?

Tanks are generally the best hero partner for Kagura. We would suggest you use deadly CC tanks such as Tigreal, Atlas, Gatotkaca and Johnson. It all depends on the playstyle of the player to deal more damage. In ML, Kagura is often played aggressively from the start to the end of the game.

That’s all for the ultimate build, emblem, combos and spells guide for Kagura in Mobile Legends. We will make sure to keep them up to date as future patches shift the meta.

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