Genshin Impact is the hottest new gacha game to hit mobile, PC, and PS4, and believe me, I'm shocked at how good it is. This is by far the best gacha game we've ever seen, and it is doing gangbusters.

But what kind of party should you have for going out into Teyvat and exploring? How many characters are there in the game? These are all important, valid questions that we are going to answer for you right now.

Take a look below and you'll find a brand spanking new tier list for Genshin Impact, including all currently available characters in the game, their elements, rarity, weapon types, and more information for you.

We've organised this list into easily digestible chunks, and ranked the characters from S to D tier. A big thanks to for helping compile this information.

Just take a look below for everything you need to know about what characters are in Genshin Impact and how they fare...