Updated on August 11, 2021 - added new titles and download links

After a long day, some people just want to unwind and get into a game that will take their brain somewhere else. A game that’s not so intense, has no way for you to really die and that you can just zone out to. Relaxing games for Android come in so many genres, graphic styles and lengths to each game. One person’s relaxing puzzle game might be another person’s most frustrated game, but this list of the top 25 relaxing games for Android has something for everyone.

In case you want something from the different end of the spectre, try the best roguelikes for Android! That should shake you up!

From Prune through to Ruya, read on to find out the best Android relaxing games which you can play right now.

Original list by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.