Updated: April 14, 2021: Changed the text to fit the current date, updated Wild Rift as it's now available in the US

MOBAs (that's Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) are big business in the competitive online gaming space. Since mobile gaming is taking up a lot of gaming space at the moment because most of the population owns a phone, a lot of big companies have shifted towards them. As you would expect from a genre as popular as MOBA games, they are taking over the iPhone gaming market by the day.

These highly tactical games combine the basic base-assaulting principles of real time strategy gameplay with the clicky combat and heroic abilities of an action RPG.

While this popular genre started out life on PC, it's since become massively popular on mobile. Some of these mobile MOBAs are clearly identifiable with their PC forbears, while others have streamlined the formula for portable play and spun it out into all new shapes.

Among this list of top mobile MOBAs, you'll find elements of card battling, some turn-based tactics, and even a little platforming. The mobile MOBA genre is basically wide open to interpretation, which makes it a pretty exciting place to be. Without further ado, click on the big blue button below to open up the list of best MOBA for iOS.