Updated: Original list by Chris James, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on April 30th, 2021.

Certain genres just don't feel right on mobile. Take first-person shooters, for example, which rely too heavily on a vast array of buttons to sit comfortably on a touchscreen. If you try using a tablet, it's hard to control the actual game. Sure, you could use a Bluetooth controller in order to play first-person shooters, however, not everyone has controllers to play games on their mobile device.

The same can't be said for all genres - particularly those with games that only require a simple tap or swipe. Some genres just lend themselves better to simplistic controls, allowing players to more easily play games on smaller screens and devices. Not every genre is perfect when it comes to mobile games - and not every game made in a genre is perfect either. But, if the controls are simple, then you can find some games where mobile devices really thrive.

Here are 8 genres that work best on mobile with a selection of their finest examples.