How to change name in Apex Legends Mobile

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the username in Apex Legends mobile version.

How to change name in Apex Legends Mobile

It often happens that when we start on with a new game, we just go with any random name to get started quicker. But as time goes by, we get some great ideas for our in-game username. So, if you are wondering how to change your name in Apex Legends Mobile, then here is a guide for you.

In-game username is very important, as all of your online in-game friends will be referring to you by this name. So it's quite a significant decision when you are typing your in-game name. Look at the popular streamers or Esports players. Their in-game name is everything.

When you download Apex Legends Mobile and log in for the first time, the game gives you an option to type in anything you would like to set as your in-game name (the only condition being that it must not be already taken). Once you set this username, you can only change it by using a rename card.

Here is how to change the name in Apex Legends Mobile:

  • Click on your Avatar picture at the top left of the screen
  • Click on the Edit button next to your In-game name
  • Enter New in-game name and click on 'Ok'

That is it. Your in-game name will be changed instantly.

Note: Changing name costs 1 Rename Card in Apex Legends Mobile. If you don't have a renamed card, you won't be able to change your in-game name.

What is a Rename Card, and how to get it?

As the name itself suggests, rename cards allow the users to change their Apex Legends Mobile in-game name. Rename cards can be purchased for 8,800 honour chips from the in-game store.

Apex Legends Mobile rename card

What are some of the "coolest" in-game names for Apex Legends Mobile?

If you are looking for some in-game name ideas for Apex Legends Mobile. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Trickster
  • Deadeye
  • Helmeted Lurker
  • Trapper
  • Champion
  • Titled Beast
  • Lost Ninja
  • Noob
  • Marksman
  • Skirmisher
  • Lagging Thunder

So that is all for our guide on how to change names in Apex Legends Mobile. Stay tuned with us for more Guides on the game.

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