We have covered many aggressive legends in our recent guides, such as Octane, Wraith, Bloodhound, but now, we have made an Apex Legends Mobile Wattson guide for a change of pace.

This post is an Apex Legends Mobile Wattson guide, where we discuss the Legend, abilities, and tips and tricks to use the character efficiently.

Overview of the character

Wattson is a perfect pick for fortifying a location. If you like to take fights inside the buildings, then this is a great pick. However, she has no tools to take out enemies quickly, so you will seriously rely on your abilities.

Wattson is a team player and therefore should always be played alongside your team members. She is quite a tough character to master, but we are pretty sure that our Wattson beginner's guide will help show you the ropes.

Apex Legends Mobile Wattson's Strengths and Weaknesses

Wattson is a slow character that likes to take a position and defend it. When you are playing her, you ideally want enemies to rush onto you, rather than vice-versa.

  • Her passive allows her to quickly re-fill her Tactical and ultimate abilities
  • The perimeter Security nodes that she places using her tactical ability are extremely flexible
  • His ultimate can completely nullify any grenade as well as Gibraltar's and Bangalore's ultimates
  • Wattson is a bad pick for taking 1v1 fights
  • Her ability has a long animation time, thus leaving her vulnerable while using abilities
  • Wattson lacks movement, healing, or any escaping abilities like most other Legends

Wattson's abilities

Like all other Legends in the game, Watson has three abilities. Let's take a closer look and learn more about them:

  • Passive: Spark of Genius - Her passive allows her to charge her ultimate using Ultimate Accelerants instantly. Also standing, near interception Pylons (Her ultimate) boosts the tactical recharge
  • Tactical: Perimeter Security - She can create electrified fences by connecting nodes together. These fences damage and slow enemies
  • Ultimate: Interception Pylon - Using this ability, Wattson can place an electrified pylon on the ground that destroys incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields
Apex Legends Mobile Wattson guide - abilities

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Apex Legends Mobile Wattson Ability Tips and tricks

  • She can stack up to two accelerants in the same inventory slots. Thanks to her passive ability, he can instantly get access to her ultimate using an accelerant
  • While using the tactical ability, remember that nodes can be connected, which means you can guarantee double damage to enemies passing through
  • Place fences in locations where enemies are forced to pass through, such as between wraith portals, ziplines, and doors
  • Wattson's pylon will intercept throwables such as Bangalore's tactical, Revenant's silence, and Caustic's gas grenade. However, it is important to keep in mind that it will intercept your team's grenades and projectiles too
  • Pylon can be destroyed easily, therefore try to hide them from sight so they are less likely to be taken out

How to play Wattson?

Use your abilities; make sure you always try to get the best out of your ultimate and tactical. In Apex Legends Mobile, Wattson is not a fighter character and depends entirely on her abilities, so make sure you use them efficiently.

Placement is very important when you are playing Wattson. Enemies can easily destroy both nodes and pylons. Therefore you have to place them in such a way that it is not in plain sight—this is why Wattson shines inside buildings.

Lastly, in Apex Legends Mobile, Wattson is not a good pick for 1v1 fights, so don't go roam around alone. Instead, always try to stick with your team and work closely with them. If your team is pushing, then support them, a defensive character doesn't mean you have to stand back and watch.

So that is all for our Apex Legends Mobile Wattson guide. Make sure to check out our other guides and tips and tricks on Apex Legends Mobile.

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