Apex Legends Mobile's closed beta goes live in Philippines for Android

Apex Legends Mobile's closed beta goes live in Philippines for Android

After a long wait, Apex Legends Mobile finally started its closed beta test in India and had also begun closed beta testing in the Philippines as well. This was first reported by Dot Esports.

Following the usual process, players who have registered the game in the Play Store are randomly chosen and given access to it. The players who registered have received a notification and the game doesn’t need any verification as the Play Store packages come pre-signed.

Recently, the game in India received an update which is supposed to be a bug fix and improvements package. As EA expects players to provide feedback, the gaming community has provided all the support for the game.

During the first announcement of the game, there were a lot of debates that it could be a strong contestant for all the battle royale titles out there, with EA and the testers emphasising that the title’s gameplay mechanics and elements differ a lot from its rivals. The final review remains until the game goes public globally, however.

With the release of the game in the Philippines, EA expects more feedback from the players. The beta testing also varies from region to region and as such, the outcomes of the test might vary from place to place. And this could be one of the reasons EA Games is trying to roll out the beta steadily.

Lastly, Apex Legends Mobile is set to release by the end of 2021. If you are eager to get some more details on the game, then we have got you covered. Also, we will make sure to provide updated news on the game as and when we get to know more.

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