Another Eden fishing guide: Basics, upgrades, and defeating Leviathan

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Another Eden fishing guide: Basics, upgrades, and defeating Leviathan

Because no JRPG is complete without fishing!

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Catching underwater critters is one of the many delights for fans of old-school JRPGs, hence this Another Eden Fishing Guide! While you can certainly spend all your time kicking bad guys’ butts and helping nearby towns with their various subquests and monster problems, fetching stuff isn’t all the game offers, you can also just forget your problems and go fishing all day, but even that can be stressful if you have no idea where to start.

So, to make sure you’re fully prepared for a long and arduous test of patience out at sea, here are the basics of reeling ‘em in like a pro:

How to unlock fishing in Another Eden?

Unlike in other gacha games on mobile out there where you can just breeze through the main campaign with auto-fights and skips, Another Eden quests aren’t as easily accessible. You have to play through the main story diligently, and you can’t get by without grinding to level up your characters properly and giving them a fighting chance on the battlefield.

Another Eden fishing

Simply going from one town to another without stopping to grind guarantees you’ll be a sitting duck out there. And if you’re thinking you can just pull the best top-tier characters from the Dreams list of heroes, it’s not that easy either - especially for free-to-play players. It takes a while to get to 1,000 Chronos Stones - apart from progressing through the main story, you need to accept side quests to speed things up a bit.

That said, Another Eden fishing will only pop up after you clear Chapter 11 of the main campaign. Once you do, you’ll get access to the side quest titled “1000 Year Ark of the Ocean Palace”. Here, you’ll bump into an old man on the beach who will introduce you to the wonderful world of fishing. He’ll also give you a tutorial on the basics, which bring us to our next point.

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Another Eden fishing basics

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You can fish on any spot that’s marked by a fish icon on your map. Once you’re at your chosen fishing spot, tap the icon, and select your lure. Then, tap on the body of water where you see the silhouette of fish swimming around underneath to cast your line. You’ll know if a fish takes the bait as your phone will vibrate to alert you (be sure to turn this feature on if you haven’t yet!). Once you get a bite, tap on your screen right away once to reel it in.

Some players find that it’s easier to keep your fingers on the screen while waiting for a bite, then releasing once the phone vibrates - it’s up to you.

Needless to say, Another Eden fishing really requires a great deal of patience, and it sucks you in with each try so it compels you to keep trying. When you successfully catch a fish, you’re rewarded with experience points for your rod to level it up for better performance. Failing can be due to a number of reasons. If the fish got away because of its speed, this means that your reel level is too low. If the fish got away due to its power, then your rod level is too low.

Meanwhile, a low float level will lead to the fish getting away with your bait - this can also happen if you wait too long before tapping once you get a bite. And finally, if the fish ignore your bait completely, you either have the wrong bait or your hook level is too low. Of course, there’s still the element of RNG, so even if you get everything right, the fish can still get away.

That said, you can just keep trying until you clear out all the fish in a particular spot. You can sell your catch to the Kamasu shop for Fish Points. Larger fish can reward you with bonus points as well as Chronos Stones.

Another Eden fishing upgrades

Now, Another Eden fishing isn’t just a matter of timing - you have to know how to upgrade your gear so you can nab the best catch. There will be 20 fish in every spot, which will reset in 30 minutes. This means that the very first thing you need to upgrade is your cooler box so you can actually have enough space to keep all of the fish. Upgrading your cooler box to increase your fish capacity means boosting the amount of Kamasu Points you can get too, so make sure to spend your fish stones to upgrade your cooler box until you get the Iron Cooler I.

Then, it’s time to focus on your hook. With a higher level hook, you can catch multiple fish in one go, as well as catch Horrors and Lake Lords (needs Dimensional Hook) that will engage you in combat once caught (more on this later). These cool monsters can give you rare drops for crafting weapons, too.

After that, upgrade your reel and your float simultaneously. The reel boosts your chance to catch rare fish, while the float increases the window of opportunity between you tapping and the fish escaping. Upgrade your reel to Smooth Reel IV and your float to Rubber Float I, at the very least.

How to defeat Leviathan (and add Levia to your party)

another eden fishing leviathan One of the major endgame goals in Another Eden fishing is the fight with Leviathan, which you can unlock after collecting the four fragments of Pieces of Red Coral. These drops can only be obtained from the extremely rare Lake Lords Kraken (found in Acteul - Spirit's Shower), Hydra (found in Serena Coast - Merchant's Sprinkler), Sky Serpent (found in Elzion Airport - Vaper Trail), and Scylla (found in Rucyana Sands - Desert Pot).

Obviously, encountering these Lake Lords takes a LOT of patience and EVEN MORE luck - plus, once you catch them, you’ll have to defeat them in battle. The Lake Lords are all at level 80, while Leviathan is at level 90. Once all four pieces of the red coral are collected, they will form the Sea of Fire, which you need to take to the Dragon Palace Central Keep to unlock the fight with Leviathan.

It’s important to have a strong enough party to face this beast head-on because it has more than 5 million HP and can recover its health at about 27,000 HP per turn. The good news is that it’s weak against Earth (and resistant to Water, Fire, and Piercing attacks), so if you have someone who can spam Earth attacks, that’s a huge advantage in battle.

Defeating it helps you unlock the “Waves of Time: The Millennium Maiden's Pearl Tears” quest to recruit 5-star water mage Levia to your party. And that’s it! We hope this Another Eden fishing guide can help you get started and get hooked into this huge grind of a sub-quest. It’s an arduous task, so don’t forget to take breaks so that the grind won’t take the fun factor out of the game!

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