Alchemy Stars is celebrating its 1.5-year anniversary with a ton of new events

Alchemy Stars is celebrating its 1.5-year anniversary with a ton of new events
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Level Infinite has just announced that they will be celebrating Alchemy Stars’ one-and-a-half-year anniversary with a special event that is set to go live mid-December. This will add even more content as the Thanksgiving 2022 update was recently released, introducing two new characters, a continuation of the main story, and a bunch of limited-time events.

The 1.5-year anniversary celebration in Alchemy Stars will be held between December 15th and January 12th, 2023. Even the Aurorians are chiming in as a short video featuring a few popular ones is going to go live soon. Besides all the festivities that are seen regularly in these birthday events, the JRPG is also allowing players to train their very own idol.

To aid this, lots of new idol-themed cosmetics are being added to the in-game item shop, which will remain up for grabs throughout this event. Players must make use of all this and help their idol fulfil their dreams of adulation and recognition by managing them efficiently.

Prior to the beginning of this anniversary event, Level Infinite had also hosted an idol contest, where players had to pick their favourite characters that they would want to see become a part of the idol group. This was done through a voting system, the results of which should be out soon. In addition to that Aurorian video that is coming out, a special stage performance is also being held to mark the global launch of the game.

Players can begin completing all the Thanksgiving 2022 missions and get ready for an awesome anniversary celebration by downloading Alchemy Stars now for free by clicking on either of the links below. For regular updates, follow the game’s Twitter handle and engage with a community full of like-minded folk by joining the official Discord server.

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