Aether Gazer debuts A Night Falls Red version 2.1 update, introducing three new characters

Aether Gazer debuts A Night Falls Red version 2.1 update, introducing three new characters
  • The update launches today and features new characters and more
  • You can also participate in limited-time events for the game featuring unique rewards
  • Updates to the store and more are also included

Aether Gazer's new A Night Falls Red update debuts today, with three new characters, store updates, a new storyline and more for you to enjoy!

Aether Gazers features an intriguing story, set not on Earth, an alien planet or even a fantasy world. Instead, in the distant future humanity has uploaded its consciousness to an AI called Gaea, where ten different groups all work towards creating the ideal society. However, you'll be tasked with fighting off the threat of computer viruses called Visbanes, with the help of your modifiers to preserve Gaea.

You'll also explore an additional new storyline following the modifiers Odin and Gengchen as they traverse the Source Layer in search of Cinders. It's up to you as the Administrator to discover what happened during their mission.

The most significant addition - aside from the new storyline aspects - are the new modifiers - or characters - you can recruit. These are the S-grade modifiers TaiYi - Gengchen and Omnisight - Liuliang, with the former specialising in water skills and the latter in wind damage. Additionally, these new modifiers will also feature additional skillchains, a novel mechanic; with Ink-Stained Flames and The Longmen Leap pairing the new modifiers with an existing character.

In addition, there are also new items in the shop such as additional outfits and limited packs, as well as limited-time events including Banquet Invitation, Pressing Priorities, Day After Day, and Gen-zone Simulation for Administrators to test themselves against. You can acquire exclusive outfits for characters, and other rewards. Finally, there's additional functors being released to further enhance the new, and existing characters.

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Iwan Morris
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