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A Hero's Destiny codes (December 2021)

A Hero's Destiny codes (December 2021)
Updated on: December 2nd, 2021 - Checked for new codes

Are you on a mission to become one of the toughest players in A Hero’s Destiny? We're here to help by providing a bunch of codes that will let you claim spins, yens, boosts and XP for free. By using A Hero’s Destiny codes, you will never have to worry about getting stuck while completing the quests.

In A Hero’s Destiny you, along with your in-game friends, will tackle multiple enemies and defeat them to earn points and prove who’s the strongest in the arena. As complete the various challenges, you will encounter powerful bosses and defeating them will reward you generously.

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A Hero's Destiny active codes

  • bruh - 10 Luck Spins
  • spooky - 2x Strength

Expired Codes

  • 90klikes! - 10 Luck Spins
  • coolsale - Boost
  • 80k! - 10 Luck Spins
  • 75klikes - 15 Luck Spins
  • 150kfavorites - a Boost
  • anniversary - x2 XP the code for 1 hour
  • 40m - a Boost
  • 120klikes! - 10 Luck Spins
  • humanmonster - 5 Luck Spins
  • 50mvisits! - 5 Luck Spins
  • toxin - x2 XP for 30 minutes
  • nep - 10 Luck Spins
  • 60klikes - 10 Luck Spins
  • 125kfav - 15 Luck Spins
  • 4th - Boosts
  • 30mvisits - a reward
  • 50klikes - x2 XP for 30 minutes
  • 100kfav - x2 strength
  • 100kmembers - x2 Yen
  • 20mil - a boost
  • arcane - 30 mins of x2 experience
  • 25k - x2 strength and experience
  • 10mil - x2 strength and experience
  • freeluck - spins & luck
  • bigstr - x2 strength and experience
  • bigexp - x2 strength and experience 

How to redeem A Hero's Destiny codes?

  • First, launch A Hero's Destiny and wait till the resources and the main screen complete the loading
  • Make sure you have a character ready to play or else create a new one
  • Tap on the Codes button on the left side of the screen
  • Copy one of the active A Hero's Destiny codes from the list above
  • Paste it inside the box and press confirm to get the rewards

How to find more A Hero's Destiny codes?

Once in a while, the developers release codes on the game's official Roblox page. You can also find active codes here on this page, so, make sure to bookmark us for future reference.