Promo & Redeem Codes codes (July 2024)

There are dozens of active codes, and we have collected all of them in one place and separated them from expired ones. codes (July 2024)
  • Complete Chapter 5 to get redeem access
  • Active codes tend to appear every month
  • They stay active anywhere from a few weeks to a month, so use these codes sooner rather than later.
Updated on July 16, 2024 - Checked for new codes

If you're not getting enough survivors-like action in your daily gaming life, then you should turn your attention to for another kind of challenge. Even though it's about fighting off zombies, the setup is that an outer space potato has crash-landed and started fighting back against the undead hordes with the local resistance forces. This means you'll be collecting and upgrading weapons while also gathering allies for your squad so that you can unleash the power of teamwork. Of course, the zombies will be using the strategy of sheer force of numbers, so you'll soon need every edge that you can get.

You can earn them the traditional way of playing through the game and earning rewards by completing levels and missions. There's also the tried-and-true way of buying your way to victory with in-game purchases. Finally, there's the opportunity to get more goodies such as additional currencies, weapons, items, keys, and such by entering redeemable codes that will appear monthly. Make sure to check back to see what codes for are active and not miss your chance at getting a huge cache of rewards. Collect enough and soon you'll be able to sweep through the waves of zombies.

And if you would like something similar, take a look at the codes. Of course, we have many other code articles, so take a peek at the Beast Lord codes or Shop Titans codes that just dropped.

Active codes

These codes are good to go - most of them appeared at the end of April and have lasted for a few weeks after.

  • seaworld 
  • monkeyking
  • devdiary
  • childrenioday
  • discordlove
  • Jdoctor
  • gatling
  • Launchday
  • ZOMB2024
  • ZOMBIE2024
  • POTATO2024
  • POTATO777
  • ZBFT3000

Expired codes

  • Zombie777
  • US7777
  • US8888
  • US9999
  • NewZombie
  • Zombie888
  • Welcome999
  • Zom24bieio
  • Zombio24pst
  • Potato24st
  • Zbshooting24
  • 24M3POTATO
  • 333ZMBVSPT
  • PTST2000
  • PTST3333

How to redeem codes?

To redeem all the codes you've gathered, you can do this by clicking on your profile picture, which is in the top left corner of the screen. Once you do, just click the button that says "Redeem" and then enter the code. If it's successful, you'll receive a pop-up notification telling you what kind of rewards you've received. Keep in mind that you won't be able to start redeeming codes until you've completed Chapter 5 of the main story.

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