Team Vitality announces new international roster for Honor of Kings

The team is the only Western member of the HoK partnership program

Team Vitality announces new international roster for Honor of Kings
  • Popular esports stable Team Vitality have announced their roster for Honor of Kings
  • The team is the only Western European partner in the HoK esports program
  • Tencent have made vast investments into esports as they gear up for Honor of King's global launch

Esports stable Team Vitality has announced its new international roster for Honor of Kings. Team Vitality bills itself as the only Western European team currently in the HoK esports partnership program, so this move is another major showcase of their commitment to the upcoming game's release.

Honor of Kings, you may know, is the top MOBA in China, and one of Tencent's most popular releases. However, so far it has been virtually unknown in the West, but a major global launch is right around the corner.

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So, to compete with other major MOBAs like League of Legends, Tencent has made major investments in building up a competitive gaming scene. Initiatives like the Honor of Kings Esports Partnership seem set to build HoK into a potential 'League killer', and with the money Tencent can throw around that may be quite feasible.

Team Vitality announcing their roster also means that at least one team has taken the leap into committing fully to the future success, and popularity, of HoK in esports.

Who's included?

Alright, to the meat of the issue. While we're not an esports-first sort of site (as you may have guessed) we're sure these names might jump out to some readers. Team Vitality's international roster for Honor of Kings includes: Giorgio “Nighty” Hu, Giovanni “Shanks” Song, Martin “hailand” Raza, Jannis “Jasch” Schimmel, Changpeng “Ctboy” Qi and Benjamin “Benji” Bourdeau, all in a variety of roles.

Jie “Andy” Zhang and Sabrina “Sya” Starke will meanwhile serve as coach and manager, respectively. The team will make its debut at the Honor of Kings Season 2 Invitational, taking place June 29th in Kuala Lumpur!

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