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Wuthering Waves codes (July 2024)

Free stuff like Astrite, Shell Credits, Energy Bags and other in-game currencies await if you redeem active Wuthering Waves codes sorted below.

Wuthering Waves codes (July 2024)
Updated on July 08, 2024 - Checked for new codes

Similar to Genshin Impact, Wuthering Waves offers a vast world for you to explore. It has an open world filled with collectibles (some of which are hidden!) and unique characters that make the story that much more interesting to unfold. 

By using the Wuthering Waves codes I've shared below, you can redeem plenty of rewards for free, to help you make this journey a little easier. Make sure you redeem them all ASAP because they are only active for a limited period! 

Active Wuthering Waves codes

  • DCARD3VN7M - 5k shell credits, five medium resonance potions, and five medium energy cores
  • BAHAMUTKXMHM - 5k shell credits, five medium resonance potions, and five medium energy cores
  • WUTHERINGGIFT - 50x Astrite, 2x Premium Resonance Potion, 2x Medium Revival Inhaler, 2x Medium Energy Bag, 10k Shell Credit
Spearback echo card

Expired codes

  • Forte Awakened: Echo Summon - Echo Starter Pack (valid until June 6th, see below how to claim it)

How to redeem the free Echo

To redeem free Echo, all you need to do is head over to the official page and log in using the same login you used in the game

Then, simply head over to the Missions tab, to see the list of missions you can complete for free Echo draws. 

Complete all the missions for free Attempts, and then head back over to the Home tab. There, you should use the Summon x10 because it costs 10% less (meaning it will require 9 Attempts instead of 10).

You can share free Echoes with your friends or other players too, by heading over to your Backpack and selecting the Echo you want to share. I've shared the Spearback, so if you're interested, claim it right now

wuthering waves code redemption

How to redeem Wuthering Waves codes

In order to redeem the codes, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Tap on the Settings button in the bottom right of the screen.
Step 2: Head over to Other Settings.
Step 3: Select the Redemption Code option (under Account), and then tap on the "Redeem" button.
Step 4: Type in your code, then hit the "Confirm" button.

All of the rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox!

How to get more codes

If you want to get more codes for Wuthering Waves, you have to keep a close eye on the game's social media accounts because that's where they are released. However, we keep track of all of them, so you can save this page and check back regularly because we will add them as soon as they are released.

We'll also add any events (such as the Echo Summon one) that might offer various rewards, so if you don't want to miss a thing, keep an eye out here! Of course, if you're following us, you know that we are featuring other codes as well, so take a look at the latest Type Soul codes if you're a Roblox fan, or Cookie Run Witch's Castle codes if you prefer match-3 genre-filled with delicious treats.

Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Sumant Meena

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