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Is Wreckfest cross-platform?

Is Wreckfest cross-platform?
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Wreckfest is a racing video game released in 2014 for consoles. It includes various aspects that gamers are curious about, and one of the most frequently asked questions is whether Wreckfest is cross-platform. And the answer to this question is not as straightforward as it might seem. Are you wondering if Wreckfest is one of the best racing games for Nintendo Switch? You can check that out later, let's see if the Wreckest is a cross-platform game first!

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Before discovering whether Wreckfest supports cross-platform, let's discuss exactly what that is for those who are unfamiliar. Cross-platform is a feature that allows people who use different types of devices to play a game together. Cross-platform is available for most games that support new-gen consoles and are available not only on console but also on PC.

Even though Wreckfest was released in 2014, the game started to support new-gen consoles in 2021. And nowadays, you can play Wreckfest on PC, mobile, Nintendo Switch, Play Station, and Xbox. As the game is available on multiple platforms, many people are wondering whether the game supports cross-platform.

You should know that Wreckfest does not support cross-platform between PC and PlayStation. Also, cross-platform gameplay is not available between PC and new Xbox consoles. However, the game features a crossplay between the PS4 and PS5. 


In June 2021, the developers added cross-play support between PS4 and PS5. Moreover, this update significantly improved the game quality and fixed various bugs and glitches. And now, you can enjoy cross-play between PS consoles without any problems.

So, feel free to invite your friend and play with them even if he or she uses the previous or latest PlayStation. You can gain new achievements and enjoy exciting races together.

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Now you know everything you need about Wreckfest cross-play in 2022, let's talk about the prospect of this feature arriving in the future. The foremost thing you should know is that developing crossplay is a highly complex process. It requires not only time but also a significant amount of money.

On the other hand, cross-play significantly increases the popularity of the game. People are more interested in the game if they have the opportunity to play with friends who use different platforms. And high online numbers will result in increased income, which will be beneficial for developers.

In conclusion, Wreckfest does not support cross-platform features in 2022, except for the crossplay features between PS4/PS5. There is a chance that within a few years, the developers might add cross-platform to Wreckfest. If you're a car enthusiast, take a look at the best racing and driving games for iPhone and iPad, and the best racing games for Android phones and tablets.