Wreckfest Mobile opens up pre-registration for Android and Samsung gamers, with an iOS option planned soon

Wreckfest Mobile opens up pre-registration for Android and Samsung gamers, with an iOS option planned soon
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Only five days after being announced, the mobile racing-physics simulator hybrid Wreckfest is now available to pre-register ahead of the planned “soon” release date on both Android and the Samsung Galaxy Store, with an iOS page launch planned soon! This new racer sees you perform in races across a variety of tracks all while trying to keep your car in one piece, as crashing into opponents to take them out and realistic car physics are a vital portion of the gameplay too.

In case you haven’t seen our latest news on Wreckfest, let me give you a brief rundown of what it’s all about. Wreckfest takes a lot of inspiration from classic physics-based racing games, series like Burnout or Flatout, where speed isn’t quite as important as your ability to absolutely obliterate the competition instead.

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This genre has been pretty untapped as of late, with most racing games focused on the simple “do a lap faster than your opponents” loop, so it’s nice to see such a nostalgic way to tackle the concept come back to the forefront.

On top of the races that encourage destruction, there are also quite a few extra levels that are basically playgrounds to demolish your car in. Add in the obstacle courses that test your ability to make it to the end of them with your vehicle in one piece and you’ve got a good mix of gameplay options to keep the racing loops from getting too stale.

Now, ahead of the unannounced but likely very soon release date, you can get ahead of the curve and hit up the pre-registration to be sure you’re ready to ride as soon as it finally launches. If you’d like to do so, you can check out the link below! In the meantime, you can keep up with any release date news by keeping tabs on the official website as well as any potential word on the App Store page launch!

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